Question for my Crafters out there...

How many of you have used a hot-fix crystal setter?

Well I am getting one for Christmas .. maybe sooner so that I can "glam up" a few things and I am not sure of how it works or how to use it for that matter. The directions aren't that clear for me -- everything has to be quite visual for me to understand. Don't laugh -- I know some of you are the same way!!

If you have a hot-fix setter, please help me out!! I am thinking for a quilt (think of a midnight blue sky with a creamy moon and large star appliques) that I want set some "twinkling" stars on it. Can the crystals be set on other things than just fabric. .. say like on metal or plastic items? I will be most grateful for your help, tips, hints, etc. for this... I know you guys are wonderful in helping out others.

Well, gotta get some much needed sleep. Tomorrow evening starts the first evening of working till 11.30 pm ..ugh!

Keep stitching,


  1. Hi Cameo.
    I think this video will answer alot of your questions.

    Sending this also via email just incase it does not work on here.

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  3. cameo
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