Peacocks and Nutcracker Market

I hope that everyone is well -- I am getting better!! First off I wanted to share the peacocks that I stitched.. I mentioned it a few posts back. So here it is! I am proud of it and not sure what I am going to do with it as of yet. Also, I am sharing the picture of the "God Bless Texas" that I stitched -- I think it turned out well!! Thanks Em;-)

Nutcracker Market!!!! I am so excited about this -- So I will explain what it is so that you can be happy with me. The Houston Ballet puts on a market, very high class. It's a menagrie of many shoppes, and various artists around the Houston area and worldwide. You can find ANYTHING here... well just about. Lots of really cool stuff, both handmade and otherwise. Tons of jewelry, clothes, purses, chocolates!! It's alot of walking which I am not ready for since the surgery, but my best friend (who introduced me to this wonderful world and is taking me this weekend) promises me that we can take it slow this year. It's a day long event. There's food and singing from various children's choirs and schools. Everything to get ya in the mood for Christmas shopping... and all the proceeds benefit the Houston Ballet. There are a few shops that I look for each year.. and I always buy an ornie (handmade) from one particular shop that employs handicap people. It really makes me feel good that I am supporting good things when I am shopping.

Well, that's enough for now!! Hope that everyone is doing great!! And many thanks to all of you who have wished me well... I am getting stronger each day!

Keep Stitching!


  1. Love the peacocks! So pretty! Glad you're feeling better =) Love Ya!!! Meg

  2. Lovely finishes!!! Everytime I see a Texas finishing I remember my little bro... He lives up there!!!

    You're tagged, peek my blog!

  3. Oh my I tagges you as well. Take a look at my blog maybe you can do both of us like Donna did you tagged me. I love you peacocks absolutely lovely.