I am still around

I am still around -- I promise!! We are remodeling yet another room with the help of Donald's uncle. It's daunting, but I know it will be worth it in the long run.

Still stitching (or sewing, rather) my Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt. I hope that you enjoy the new pictures. Right now I am stitching the last row on -- you'll have to wait in suspense for the color that I choose. And I have some FUN! backing material that I bought in Chicago last year. It'll really set the quilt off.

I went through my box of handmade jewelry pieces and weeded out some pieces that haven't moved. For the month of May (which begins Friday) I will be featuring a piece for FREE! Yes, you heard it here first. It'll be just like the cross-stitch stash giveaway- as you will have to post a comment if you desire the piece with your email address. Justin, Donald, or myself will do the drawing... and it'll be mailed out to you. How fun is that??

Have a wonderful HUMP day!!

Keep Stitching,


Another row -- YAY!

Well it's almost done!! 2 more rows to go and it's complete -- well the top will be finished. I will still have to sandwich it together with batting and a back.... then the dreaded quilting of the entire thing. WHAT was I thinking?? And you girls are so crazy!! LOL There is no way I could give this beauty away. All that hand stitching?? It's soooo mine! smiles I love my stitching family but it's mine mine mine!! LOL Right now I am working on the hexagons for the next row -- not sharing the color with you... you'll have to guess.

Orange row added -- it's making the quilt larger and larger as I add more rows.

close up of orange fabric -- it's actually got swirls... seems alot of my fabric has that same theme. I must really like swirls.
Well I hope that I can post another set of pictures before the weekend gets here. If not, I hope that everyone has a glorious weekend -- it's been absolutely BEAUTIFUL here!
Keep Stitching,


Another row added

I added another row to my quilt project that I finished today... thought that I would share a few pictures. I'm not divulging the next row's color yet -- I think I'll keep you in suspense.

close up of fabric used .. it's a purplish multi -- I love it!

Keep Stitching,


Latest endeavors .. enjoy!

I know it's like I have been missing in action for the past week -- I am sooo sorry. I have some pictures to show you what I have been working on though. It's some hand quilting and the pattern is Grandmother's flower garden. I am using some BRIGHT and fun fabrics from my stash. All together it will be a total of 271 hexagons that are all paper pieced, a total of 10 rows of color. Here are some juicy pictures for you -- it's going to be a largeeeee flower. I am thinking about it being draped over the couch back or even a chair.

small flower -- just barely fits over a sheet of graph paper...

a bit larger -- forgot to take a picture of the white row...

here's the blue row that I finished today... I am currently working on the next row of a multi-purpleish row, which should be done tomorrow.

I started this project about 1 week ago ... I guess I am a fast stitcher. More pictures to come -- stay tuned!!

Keep Stitching,



Easter is coming ... and other new stitching completed

I have some super cute Easter cones to share with you ... I bought the April 2009 copy of "Cross Stitcher" (Britain magazine) just for these cute cute cones to stitch. I started the chickens on Sunday and Monday and I completed the finishing last night. Hope that you enjoy them...

Also, I thought that I would include some pictures of the Winterology ornies that I have finished stitching...they are from the Trilogy series of seasons. They are quick to stitch up and I enjoy them tons.

Right now I am working on the Autumn ones and hope to be able to post some pictures of those really soon. I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend no matter what you do. Happy Easter to those who celebrate.

Keep Stitching,