Finally a post...

I know that I haven't been able to post in awhile and it kills me that I haven't kept in touch with you guys. My job is going well... I had a little trouble remembering some procedures for credit card and check policies, but all in all it's good. I didn't realize how much I would be on my feet though, so I am learning to take it slower than my usual fast pace.
I also learned that I am OCD -- in the worst way. I go around straightening the shelves and all the products, which we are supposed to do...but I go as far as all the labels in the same direction. ARGH!! I am sooo nuts!!

But on to better and brighter things, my swap partner for Brooke's Board Interactive (yahoo group) has received his item from me so now I can share it with you. I know that he likes it -- always pleasing to know that.

If you celebrate, have a haunting Halloween tomorrow -- it's my most favorite holiday ever!! I don't dress up anymore but I LOVE seeing little guys and gals in their costumes. Makes me smile -- my godson will be Handy Manny -- his favorite cartoon character. His mom and dad even went out and got him the toolbox.. he should be adorable as ever.
Be safe if you choose to go out.
Until next time -- Happy Halloween!!
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Happy Hallows to you --

I just had to share some more pictures of my monsters on the pumpkins -- ENJOY!!

Keep Stitching,


No Sew Cube Tutorial

I have been wanting to do this for a long time -- but finally got the time yesterday to sit down and take photos as I put it together. Since this cube is for the postal worker that has been very friendly to me for years, I can show it without worries.

How to Make a No-Sew Cube

supplies needed:
* a styrofoam cube that is a bit larger than your stitched item
* 2 stitched pieces that will fit the cube -- you will cut it a bit larger than the cube
* fabric to cover the sides (width) of the cube plus an inch or 2
* variety of ribbon in colors that compliment your stitched pieces and fabric
* glue gun and glue
* straight pins (flat head) and 4 glass head ones that match colorwise with your stitched items
* coordinating charms or buttons
* scissors

Place your cube over the stitched item, centering as much as possible and lightly draw with pencil the sides of the cube on the wrong side of the stitched piece. This will not be seen, it will be merely a guide for the cutting. Cut outside of the pencil line about 1-2 inches so that you have something to pin to the cube.

Place your stitched piece on the front of the cube and use a pin in the center of the piece and stick into the cube's center. This helps to keep it centered and in place while pinning. Fold over each end and put in about 5 flathead pins ... 1 in the center, 1 at each end near the corner, and 1 in between the center and corner pins. Using flathead pins allows the fabric to lay flat... you will NOT remove these pins. They will stay in the cube forever. Slightly tug the fabric taut while pinning. Repeat on all 4 sides. When this is done, it should look like this -- and now for the corners. Crease the corner to one side, pulling it taut and pin, rotate and do all four sides going in the same direction. You will do this for the back of the cube with your other stitched piece, repeating all the directions as stated above.

Now for the fabric section that wraps around the cube to hide your pins and stitched piece edges. Measure the fabric to cover all 4 sides of the cube and cut off the excess leaving yourself about 2 inches for overlap. Fold over the fabric on the wrong side of the fabric to make a nice clean edge. You can glue this down so that it doesn't move. Apply glue to the cube starting at the top, along the pin line and lay your straight edge of fabric on the glue. You can do one side at a time but I find that doing both sides at once prevents wrinkles and oopies!. Once you get back to the top, fold the excess fabric under and glue into place.

Nice cube you got there!

And now for my favorite part, ribbon! Ribbon should be the easiest part to attach. Always starting at the top, glue and place ribbon around all 4 sides of the cube. I used 2 ribbons for the perimeter of the cube, a large first and then a small layered on top. Layer several strips of ribbon and tie a small piece of ribbon around the middle creating a large bow for the top, glue into place. You can accent with a button or charms using your glue gun. An option is to place glass ball pins on the bottom at each corner to make the cube stand up off the surface that it's placed. It kinda gives them "feet" if you will.

Go around and gather up any loose glue webs -- hate those things.

Wasn't this easy??

Please email me if you have any questions or need further explaination. This was a tutorial that I made up all on my own and have made several cubes in this fashion.

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My new job and special notices...

My new job is ... hectic!! But I am truly loving the discount LOL 25% off my purchase ... how cool is that?? And I must say that I have a true appreciate for those who work in retail... oh my gosh! I got to work the register today and it was exciting, scary, wild, overwhelming ... you know!! But I am glad to be home this evening to put my feet up and just relax.
Special notices to : Joan -- your package was mailed on Tues...
Lynn -- money made it and mailed on Tues...
Myra -- check cashed and mailed on Tues...
I would have notified you all sooner but I worked Tuesday night really late. Keep an eye out for your packages!!
Keep this post short becuz I am exhausted and I want to sew a little before bed.
Keep Stitching,


More awesome pictures to show to you!

Ok -- maybe you're wondering about the interesting critter that I mentioned on my last post ... or maybe not. =P

We were hanging Halloween lights on the porch and I was helping Donald by holding the lights up off the ground. I don't like getting on the chair at all! So he was hanging them, and I looked over at the cherry tomato plant that has been hanging since the spring. And saw this---!

Would you believe it?? A praying mantis ... I haven't seen one since I was a little kid. Granted some of you still think I am a kid LOL ... but this bad boy was just hanging out on a limb of the plant. I was like OMG -- Donald look! He was like yea ok -- whatever. I called out for Justin to come take a look -- same reaction. They have to be related!! I was snapping photos like a weirdo. At least you don't have to worry about the mantis moving while you're taking shots ... (think about that)..HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Well tomorrow evening is the big day -- I already have my clothes picked out. Gonna shower a few hours before and do my hair. I'm not going to wear a ton of make-up ... not the place for it I think. Another finish that I got done doing about 2 wks ago. It's a needlepoint purse. I got it at a garage sale for a dollar!! It was marked $17.85 and was brand new!! I love getting good deals! I hope that everyone has a wonderful week!!

Keep Stitching,


Pictures Promised...

I know that I promised you guys some pictures -- and I am sharing them with you this evening!! Big thanks to all of you who have wished me a happy birthday -- I so appreciate each and every one of you for that.

I'm excited about my new job, but at the same time nervousness is setting in. It's been a long time since I have really been in the working force.. and retail is totally different than working with teachers and a school setting. Stomache was churning this morning, butterflies are at work. I don't even go in till Tuesday night. I don't know what my schedule will be either as of yet. Everything will work out ---that much I know.

Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures -- I have more to share tomorrow. One of them involves an interesting critter -- ?? Stay tuned...!

Keep Stitching,



Happy Birthday to me!!

Happy Birthday to me!!
As you can well tell I am happy on my birthday. Things started off great -- went to a friend's church garage sale, and spent some money on quilting stash. Someone cleaned out their stash, mostly fabric. I spent $10 for the lot of stash... and guess what I found??? A pair of pinking shears!!! I have wanted a pair so badly now and I wouldn't ever ask for them becuz I know they are a bit pricey... well I got a pair!!
Then off to the gym for my water aerobics class -- and when I scanned in, the staff said Happy birthday. I was like what?? how did you know? Well they have a program that notifies the staff of a birthday when the member scans in -- GREAT!! I was hoping that no one would know at the gym... well they found out. And while we are exercising, the instructor gets everyone to sing -- sigh!! I love them all dearly but UGH!! LOL
Then I get home to find none other than ...PUMPKINS!!! large medium and small ones!! I asked my family for pumpkins this year for my b-day. I have this odd fascination with pumpkins... and even love to fondle them at the grocery store. They are so big and round, and I rub them like a Buddha belly. I cannot help it. Well Donald got me 2 lg., 2 med., and 4 little happy jacks. My in-laws brought by 2 large one. They are adorning my porch steps, and I plan on taking some pictures to share with you.
Then I get a call for a job interview!! I got cleaned up and dressed nicely... and the interview was great. The manager told me that he would call me on Sunday to let me know when to be there, that's ok. Well, he called before we got home and said I have the job!!! I will be working at Michaels!! How cool will that be?? It's temporary seasonal help but it can become permanent. Fingers crossed. Also, associates' discount is 25% off -- but there's one week for appreciation and it'll be 50% off -- there goes my paycheck!! LOL
Donald and Justin take me out to dinner at my favorite place called Genghis Grill -- omg it's soooo good! And for dessert we go to Marble Slab for yummy ice cream!! So much for going to the gym!!! HA!
All in all-- It was a WONDERFUL birthday and I haven't had one of those in a long time!!
Special notice to Alice-- I hope that you don't think that I was upset with the coins -- FAR from it. Just hacked with the banks here... who know it would be so hard to get it exchanged. My bank said we don't deal with foreign currency.. I was like 'you're a bank.. it's money?!?!' LOL No worries, I might just even hang on to it for Justin to collect. Smiles!
Keep Stitching,


More special notes!

I hope that everyone is doing well today-- I got a bit of stitching in today at the oddest spot ever. You guys are going to laugh but it was in my car ... waiting on a train!! Weird huh? But I knew that it was going to be a long train and I always carry something to stitch in my purse. So I whipped it out and got about 25 stitches in before I realized the end of the train was coming. Person next to me must have thought I'd lost my mind. But time is time -- why not "waste" it doing something I love?? I know you guys would understand that!!
So, I gotta ask -- Where's the ODDEST place you have ever stitched?
Special notes: Alice -- Your Euros made it here, having trouble cashing them. None of the banks here take the coins. Regardless, I mailed your package out.
Yese-- stamps were received and package mailed out.
Tracey-- got the check cashed and mailed your items.
Terry -- check also received and mailed out your package.
Shelley --Thank you for my "consumable" and mailed your wonderful items out too.
BIG THANK YOU to my dear Friend Barb (omashee) for my package yesterday in the mail... I love everything that you included ... it was like the best unintentional b-day gift ever!! Smiles!!
Also, I am really impressed with all the floss/b-day cards that I have got over the past 8 or so days. Would you guys believe that I have 3 copies of one color?? LOL -so hilarious!! I plan to take a picture of them adorning my dining room door jam soon.
Right now, I am stitching "Alphabet Mania" from Heart in Hand, up to letter E. And I am designing an artistic quilt with tons of other quilts in the fire,too. And I am making aprons for Christmas for family, friends, teachers, etc. So if you are reading this and you are one of the mentioned -- SURPRISE! LOL
No pictures to share this evening -- maybe tomorrow once I am not so lazy enough to upload them off my camera -- sigh!
Keep Stitching,


Special Notes galore!

Thank you Dawn (golden Angel) for letting me know -- I knew that I knew who the designers where -- it was like it was on the tip of my tongue -- those are the designers and I really enjoyed stitching all of them.

Special notices to my ladies who won items in the giveaways --

Theresa -- money was rec'd and the package is on the way...
Gaynor darlin -- money made it here safely and package is mailed...
Kim -- money order was a breeze to cash at the post office and your package is coming...
Barb in TX -- your package was mailed today and was cheaper -- do you want the change?
Barb S -- check cashed and your package was mailed as well..

I hope that all of you enjoy your winnings-- I bet it'll be like Christmas time.

Another item to show off to you -- another wonderful finish that I enjoyed doing... I know that Dawn (aforementioned) won this chart about a journey of an autistic child -- the story that came with the chart was very touching and I hope to be able to share this finish with someone who is struggling with this horrible condition that affects our children everyday.

This other finish was a freebie -- god knows where... it was in French but I think that cross-stitch is almost always universal. You just follow the colors and symbols ..smiles!

Keep Stitching,


Another finish to share with you all!

Boy that really sounds good to say -- Another wonderful finish .. I have tons to share with you.

The sheep one from the previous post was one of the freebies that I gave away from Trail Creek Farm called "Ewe mean the world to us" .. I did the single chart that was offered instead of the larger one.

Today's finishes are: Herbal and Iced Tea from ...uh.. I don't remember but it was a silk chart
pack. Loads of fun to do -- someone out there knows who the designer is- help me out!! LOL

And "There's No Place Like Home" chart from ... sheesh my mind is like so totally gone. It was another one of the charts that I gave out this giveaway that's why I cannot remember who the designers are. (slapping forehead -- get in gear brain!!)

Hope that you enjoyed!!

Keep Stitching,



A little note to everyone...

Hey ya'll!
I have posted email to everyone to let them know the cost of postage for the packages to be sent. If you haven't received an email from me -- please please please let me know by emailing me so that I can check things out.

Here's another finish that I did during the giveaway. Enjoy!

Keep Stitching,