More special notes!

I hope that everyone is doing well today-- I got a bit of stitching in today at the oddest spot ever. You guys are going to laugh but it was in my car ... waiting on a train!! Weird huh? But I knew that it was going to be a long train and I always carry something to stitch in my purse. So I whipped it out and got about 25 stitches in before I realized the end of the train was coming. Person next to me must have thought I'd lost my mind. But time is time -- why not "waste" it doing something I love?? I know you guys would understand that!!
So, I gotta ask -- Where's the ODDEST place you have ever stitched?
Special notes: Alice -- Your Euros made it here, having trouble cashing them. None of the banks here take the coins. Regardless, I mailed your package out.
Yese-- stamps were received and package mailed out.
Tracey-- got the check cashed and mailed your items.
Terry -- check also received and mailed out your package.
Shelley --Thank you for my "consumable" and mailed your wonderful items out too.
BIG THANK YOU to my dear Friend Barb (omashee) for my package yesterday in the mail... I love everything that you included ... it was like the best unintentional b-day gift ever!! Smiles!!
Also, I am really impressed with all the floss/b-day cards that I have got over the past 8 or so days. Would you guys believe that I have 3 copies of one color?? LOL -so hilarious!! I plan to take a picture of them adorning my dining room door jam soon.
Right now, I am stitching "Alphabet Mania" from Heart in Hand, up to letter E. And I am designing an artistic quilt with tons of other quilts in the fire,too. And I am making aprons for Christmas for family, friends, teachers, etc. So if you are reading this and you are one of the mentioned -- SURPRISE! LOL
No pictures to share this evening -- maybe tomorrow once I am not so lazy enough to upload them off my camera -- sigh!
Keep Stitching,


  1. Hi Cameo...first I would like to let you know I received my package and OMG, it was like Christmas time! Thank you for your generosity! Now, where is the strangest place I have stitched...well, stitching in the car and at the hockey rink seem to be the norm for me because of all the picking up/dropping off the kids (waiting for them) and all the hockey practices. However, stitching while spinning on the stationary bike, has got to be the strangest. I needed to get in my spinning, but just couldn't put down what I was stitching.

  2. Hi Cameo!
    A week of his I sent the money to you,you received it?
    Hugs Lidia.

  3. RE: Euros...if you treat them like holiday currency, some places ' buy' it back. e.g. anywhere where you can get foreign currency.
    Hope that helps.

  4. Cameo, I tried for two weeks to find a 5 euro note to send for the postage even if the postage was less. It was IMPOSSIBLE to find. Its almost as if 5 euro notes have been withdrawn from circulation. After that it would have been a 10 euro note which once changed amounts to 14.75, a bit steep for me. I wanted to get the postage money to you as I know you have been waiting. I can keep looking to find a 5 euro note, 7.36$ once exchanged. Let me know how you would like to settle it.

  5. I'm so glad the $ arrived safely Cameo! I do believe I've stitched waiting for a train too, and waiting in a fast food drive-thru, and waiting in line to pick up dd from school. lol No, we're not obsessed! Happy Birthday!! Mine is in 18 more days! :)