PIF -- Paying It Forward

Thanks Lynn for the reminder!! I almost forgot that I wanted to invite all of you to join me in PIF! It's not hard to do... really it's not. Pay It Forward is a fun opportunity to make three handmade items and give them to the first three friends who sign up! Now, I know you want something handmade from me... and I want to give it to you. But you gotta make the same promise or offer that I am making on your blog, too.
I promise you will have something handmade by me within 365 days, probably sooner with the way that I stitch! So, if YOU would like ME to send you something handmade and you are willing to make three gifts for three others, be one of the first three to let me know by January 15. I'm gonna give you some time to think about it. I know with all the things going on this upcoming year it can be mind-boggling. PLEASE sign up if you are positive that you will be able to follow through! Leaving a post in the comment section is best for me... I check it often.
I will post who my 3 lucky ducks will be in another post. And I will encourage them to post in their blog the same PIF message that I am sharing with you. C'mon... you know you want to do it!
Keep Stitching!


Ipod Crazy

Ok I know I asked for it -- I wanted an Ipod for the longest. So, this year I finally just flat out asked for one for Christmas. My husband was like blah blah blah you don't need one blah blah blah! But I really do!! I know that I will use it when I am at the gym, or be-bopping around the house. Come Christmas day, there's this rather larger than an Ipod box under the tree for me -- after unwrapping it and then opening the box, then unwrapping another package and opening that box, and then unwrapping yet another box and opening it -- TAADAA!! An Ipod!! lol crazy Mother in law wrapped the gift for my husband... to drive me insane!

The Ipod is so slick and remarkably lightweight. Shiny silver. Who knew that putting songs on it would be so difficult for me. I loaded all my 90's music that I had on Cd's to the computer and then tried to put them into the Ipod --- well much to my dismay it doesn't work that way!! AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!! I still had to download Itunes.... Well crap! LOL After it's all said and done I have 223 songs downloaded on it and still not sure how many more it'll hold. I still don't know much about the silly thing except that it brings me joy when I am wearing it and listening to my songs.

So, what new fan-dangled thing did you get for Christmas that's eating your lunch?? I would love to hear about it. It'll make my Ipod craze a little less irritating! Happy Holidays Everyone!!

Keep Stitching,

p.s. -- the above picture isn't my ipod -- just some cute photo i snagged off the web!


Merry Christmas -- hope the jolly ole elf came your way!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!! This is the most wonderful time of the year-- enjoy your family or friends. If you have no one to celebrate with this year, enjoy the quiet and peaceful time. Reflect on everything that has affected you this year... I have an attitude of gratitude... we didn't lose our home with the hurricane that blew through. And I have all my family surrounding me. Happy New Year to you and your family. I hope that this New Year is prosperous for you, too.

Keep Stitching,



Christmas is nearing.... are you ready?

I hope that everyone is done shopping -- I hear it's totally nutso out there!! I have to venture out and get some rolls for tomorrow's dinner with my Mother. Hope that I don't have to choke someone LOL -- I would never do that -- !! lol funny thought though....

I wanted to share some of my resolutions with you for the New Year. I know what you're thinking... everyone makes them -- no one follows through with them. Not so with me, I make my resolutions attainable. This year I plan on (or resolve to) take better care of my face. I plan on taking care of my hair. I plan on taking care of my body! I plan on stitching more for friends and myself. Those are my top 4 that I know I need to get a grip on.
My face has always given me grief. I never moisturize or remember to apply sunscreen... this New Year it will be different.
My hair -- good grief!! I don't go to the hair salon at all ... I never get a trim every 6 weeks like I have been told is good. My hair always looks blah to me and so it's always in a ponytail. No more!! I am going to get a complimenting haircut and keep it looking nice.
My body -- double good gracious!! Donald's employer has a program that we can join a gym and they will reimburse us for the monthly dues -- no excuses any more for not going to the gym. I have to do something -- and this is a open door.
Stitching more for friends and family seems easy enough. But I never make anything for myself -- and this year I hope to really change that. I joined a ornie SAL and I am making ornies for my tree next year. It will be a menagerie of ornies ... all seasons on the tree. And why not??
So what are your resolutions for the coming of the New Year? walk more? keep in touch with family and friends? Keep it simple and I know you'll follow through with it.
Keep Stitching!


jingle bells -- jingle bells

Ok I am so getting into the Christmas spirit now-- Since our lil snowstorm (HA) and Christmas cards coming in the mail... I think the bug has bit me. Today would have it that I received a wonderful Christmas present. My dear friend, Emily sent me a cool star shaped box and inside was a beautiful needle minder with a C (for Cameo of course) with a cute lil cherub .. and some beautiful silk Caron threads in the shade of Cameo -- who knew!! I cried... I don't know why I am so emotional when I get things in the mail == I'm such a weirdo!! LOL

I hope that everyone has a joyous Christmas or Holiday season!! I hope to blog more with my stitching and finishes in the New Year. Thinking ahead to the New Year -- do you make resolutions? I plan on sharing some of mine with you soon.

Keep Stitching!


10 more days!!

This pillow was made by me-- for one of Justin's teachers. I was tempted to keep it for myself. I used wool for the ends and backing, ladies handkerchief for the ends as well (seen the idea on another blog) and some snowflake buttons. It says "believe"... did it with silks. Justin's teacher seemed really impressed -- I may do it again for myself. This was also the first time I ever did such a narrow pillow before -- kinda proud of myself.

Can you imagine -- only 10 more days till the jolly ole elf makes his 30 second appearance?? .. wow .. it seems like the year has flown literally by. Justin has the rest of this week of school left before he gets out for holiday. I think he's just ready to open presents. Enjoy the picture and I will try to post again really soon with some finishes.

Keep Stitching!


School was Delayed!!

we were ready bright and early this morning for school to only find out it was delayed -- that's ok -- means more time to play in the snow!!

Justin making his kind of snowballs ... big and fluffy

This one was meant for me -- but I told him if one snowball hits me -- presents under the tree with his name are going back -- I'm such a mean mom!! LOL

Justin playing in the birdbath and getting his glove wet becuz the water that was in there didn't completely freeze and he poked thru--- sigh!

Making more snowballs to throw in the street and not at me ;-)
We got a call from the school letting us know that school would be delayed at least 2 hrs. due to the weather. That and people don't know how to drive in snow or on icy roads for that matter. We had several accidents and overturned 18 wheelers in our area alone. It was nice though for Justin and I to spend some time this morning together. He would play outside in the snow for 20-30 mins. and I would call him in to warm up and I would dry all the gloves, scarf, and coat. Then he was back out again. Justin also saved a LARGE snowball in the freezer... he wanted to take it to school. I don't think so!! lol
It was almost sad to see the snow melt today.. and it melted fast. By the time Justin got off the bus (4 in the afternoon) all the yard and roof was clean of snow. Justin had the pouting face going on too. He hated to see it gone. He's wishing for a white Christmas... Santa will have to bring that present !!
Thanks for coming by and enjoy our snow days... Keep Stitching!


It snowed all night long!!

my poor car was covered!!
this is looking at my house-- it got quite deep for us

this is looking down the street--kinda blurry

looking at the neighbor's yard ... my birdbath was full of snow and ice

my poor sunflower didn't stand a chance -- :-(

These pictures are from Wednesday night closer to 10pm or so -- maybe even later than that... I went out to take another look at our winter wonderland. The snow was definitely deeper and I had to be really careful walking on the sidewalk to take pictures, they were iced over. It's a shame that it didn't snow more in the daylight hours so that kids and adults that think they are kids could have enjoyed it more. I had thought about doing the ol' snowangel thing -- but this snow is really wet. It would have been a soggy angel.. and a soggy Cameo too. LOL
Keep Stitching!

It's SNOWING!!!!!!!!

OK -- for those of you who are prolly sick of snow or cannot even fathom another flake of the white crap --


We don't normally get it here and when we started getting the tiny flakes on the windshield today I was tickled pink! Then of course the flakes got bigger and more of them falling -- and people let me tell you -- we have about 1 inch of the beautiful white fluffy goodness on the ground here !! I even when out and stuck my tongue out to catch it --- I was giggling like a little schoolgirl the whole time I was out there. There's just something about snow --I think I found my Christmas spirit!

Don't tell anyone but I have saved a little bitty snowball in my freezer ... hehehe

Love you guys!



Present for Justin's teacher

Designer: Kindred Spirits
Chart Name: Christmas Stitcheries
Threads: Pur-Lusta
Fabric: a pre-printed cotton fabric with snowflakes
Extras: wooden star button and jingle bells
Thought that I would share a picture that I took this evening of a small narrow pillow that I did in one day. Justin is in Jr High now and I still like to make presents for the teachers that he has, and this pillow is for his Math teacher. I hope that she likes it! I am snickering becuz I had him hold the pillow while I took the picture... and I noticed that his nipples are showing !!! LOL so laughing my butt off!!! HAHAHAHAHA

Keep Stitching!



Sharing my Christmas Tree

This is a sprite/pixie from my swap partner on Brooke's Board -- too darned cute!! I have one in pale blue too. There's a fairy above and a woodpecker to the left. Also the stitched fairy from my wonderful swap partner is just below the green pixie.

Here's the blue one. You can also see a large bee and flowers in this picture, bit of a peacock tail too.

Green fairy -- she almost disappears in the foliage.

Cute lil fairy, and a bird off to the left.

This is a Hallmark ornie Barbie as Titiana? the fairy... not too good a picture becuz of lighting issues.
Hope you enjoyed seeing more of my tree again. I hope to take some more pictures now that I am almost done decorating the tree. I have a topper to put on yet. I want to take a full length tree picture, but again no time!! ahh!
Keep Stitching!


Getting Back in the Groove

this beautiful fairy was stitched by my swap partner -- love it!!
this ornie was also stiched by my swap partner -- it's just darlin!!

another fairy, flowers, and butterflies all over my tree-- just how nature intended it!

"Let it Snow" ornie

"A Child is Born" ornie

I am just now getting back into my groove of stitching. I finished 3 ornies today (sharing 2 of them with you this evening) while the roofer was pounding overhead. I posted 2 of them on the ornie SAL that I am a part of. Also got the time to take some pictures of my "mother nature" tree. I have my ornie from my swap on Brooke's Board showcased here tonight --

A feast for the eyes -- I hope that you enjoy all the pictures this evening!! Tomorrow will be part 2 of my tree pictures -- seems I can only share so many of them with you in a post.