Merry Christmas -- hope the jolly ole elf came your way!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!! This is the most wonderful time of the year-- enjoy your family or friends. If you have no one to celebrate with this year, enjoy the quiet and peaceful time. Reflect on everything that has affected you this year... I have an attitude of gratitude... we didn't lose our home with the hurricane that blew through. And I have all my family surrounding me. Happy New Year to you and your family. I hope that this New Year is prosperous for you, too.

Keep Stitching,



  1. Thank you and I wish the same for you and yours!! I love your "attitude for gratitude" :)
    Every time something negative comes out of my mouth, I make myself name at least 2 things I'm grateful for:)

  2. I love ya sweetie! So glad we've gotten closer this year...Looking for many more to come! Merry Christmas to the family! Meg

  3. Best wishes Cameo!!! He came my way, big time!

    Hope you receive blessings in abundance next year.

  4. Happy Holidays from Belgium for you and your family with lots of joy.