Ipod Crazy

Ok I know I asked for it -- I wanted an Ipod for the longest. So, this year I finally just flat out asked for one for Christmas. My husband was like blah blah blah you don't need one blah blah blah! But I really do!! I know that I will use it when I am at the gym, or be-bopping around the house. Come Christmas day, there's this rather larger than an Ipod box under the tree for me -- after unwrapping it and then opening the box, then unwrapping another package and opening that box, and then unwrapping yet another box and opening it -- TAADAA!! An Ipod!! lol crazy Mother in law wrapped the gift for my husband... to drive me insane!

The Ipod is so slick and remarkably lightweight. Shiny silver. Who knew that putting songs on it would be so difficult for me. I loaded all my 90's music that I had on Cd's to the computer and then tried to put them into the Ipod --- well much to my dismay it doesn't work that way!! AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!! I still had to download Itunes.... Well crap! LOL After it's all said and done I have 223 songs downloaded on it and still not sure how many more it'll hold. I still don't know much about the silly thing except that it brings me joy when I am wearing it and listening to my songs.

So, what new fan-dangled thing did you get for Christmas that's eating your lunch?? I would love to hear about it. It'll make my Ipod craze a little less irritating! Happy Holidays Everyone!!

Keep Stitching,

p.s. -- the above picture isn't my ipod -- just some cute photo i snagged off the web!


  1. Oh YEAH!! Congrats Cameo:) Happy to hear you got your ipod!!
    (I love, love mine and it's got almost 600 songs on it. I do the housework and walking with mine.)

    The "new fangled thing that's eating our lunch"...lol...is our Wii!! Loving it!!

  2. LOL!!! Glad you like it! The Wii get's the vote around here too! It's addicting!

  3. I got an ipod for Christmas too Cameo, to replace the one that was stolen from me past year...

    You're right, the thingys are so useful when you're be-bopping around the house. I love mine. I even use it to hear audiobooks while I'm stitching, knitting or crocheting.

    Peek at my blog to see the carry case I did for it, though I'll do it over because it was way too small lol

  4. You're gonna just LOVE having that iPod! I use mine while I am stitching and sewing and can blot out football games on tv really well with it too! ha! (Nope not a fan of football)
    By the way you were the first of my 3 for the PIF in 2009! Will be touch via email for your mailing address! Thanks for sharing your blog and fun things too!
    Lynn S.