PIF -- Paying It Forward

Thanks Lynn for the reminder!! I almost forgot that I wanted to invite all of you to join me in PIF! It's not hard to do... really it's not. Pay It Forward is a fun opportunity to make three handmade items and give them to the first three friends who sign up! Now, I know you want something handmade from me... and I want to give it to you. But you gotta make the same promise or offer that I am making on your blog, too.
I promise you will have something handmade by me within 365 days, probably sooner with the way that I stitch! So, if YOU would like ME to send you something handmade and you are willing to make three gifts for three others, be one of the first three to let me know by January 15. I'm gonna give you some time to think about it. I know with all the things going on this upcoming year it can be mind-boggling. PLEASE sign up if you are positive that you will be able to follow through! Leaving a post in the comment section is best for me... I check it often.
I will post who my 3 lucky ducks will be in another post. And I will encourage them to post in their blog the same PIF message that I am sharing with you. C'mon... you know you want to do it!
Keep Stitching!