More Finishes for you to Enjoy!

I got a question about how I am going to finish my finishes ... I don't really know. But I am totally open to suggestions! I just collect really fun freebies and charts... do them (stitch them up) and then toss them in a vanity dresser drawer until I need something for a swap or exchange. Sometimes my Mother in Law needs a gift and I will let her choose a stitched item and she finishes it into something. I never really have something in mind for a stitched item. But anything that you guys would like to suggest, I am open to listen to your ideas. really!

Tomorrow's the big day for the Brown Family Reunion... I have been cooking all day long!! UGH!! I made some coleslaw salad, mustard potato salad, brownies, and beer-boiled brats. It's gonna be buffet style and everyone just bring enough food for themselves and we all dig in about noon time. After the lunch, the kids run off and go swimming, and the old folks sit in the A/C and talk about the past.. I am NOT going to be sitting around this year -- I am gonna go swimming in my new swimsuit!! YAY!! I hope that everyone has a great weekend!!

Keep Stitching,


Some more pictures to share with you!

Well we finally got some rain today -- it showered a bit this afternoon. I am thankful, wished it could have been more though. Whomever did the rain dance -- THANK YOU!!

Hope that you enjoy these finishes from this month. I remembered this time to let you know who these charts are from ... they are freebies from the Rainbow Gallery site. I don't have many Rainbow Gallery items since they can be quite pricey, so I subbed the colors with Sampler and Weeks threads. I guess you could sub in some DMC if you so desired. Oh, to answer someone's question -- the hearts are printed on the fabric -- it's from DMC ... it was super cheap at the store where I got it -- I don't care for Aida much, but when it's cheap...well you know how that goes!!

Keep Stitching,


Come and Look See...

Ok I have good news for you. My weigh in for June was a week ago. I have lost 32 lbs since January. I don't remember the inches lost, but I was just happy hearing the weight. I have more to lose and I know that it will take time. YAY!!

I finished some more cross stitched items and I thought that I would share them with you....

Let me tell you this -- our summer has been HOT!! We broke a record yesterday with 101 temp. and today we are expected to get up to 100 again. It's just too damned hot!! LOL So I have been staying inside as much as possible, watching some DVDs rented from the library. I watched "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" last night... and stitched away. The movie was really good and I had another finish before 10:30 that evening. So if you're getting rain in your area -- please please pleaseeeeeee send some down here -- we need it. It's been over 25 days since we last got rain. This Saturday is Brown Family Reunion in Livingston, Texas... I am happy about this because I will get to show off some in my new swimsuit. Well... that's all for today! Have a great weekend in whatever you do.
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Summer is here!!

I know I haven't updated you with the goings on about here... things have been wacky crazy since school let out. Justin went to a weeklong camp about 3 hrs. away. While the silence was nice, I missed the lil booger. Here's some summery pictures ... our little garden is doing so well. We are picking at least 20 cherry tomatoes a day.. and maybe 1 or 2 early girls as well.

We had a hail storm about 2 weeks ago. Let me tell you that was crazy mad -- the lightning was hitting so close to our house and then all of a sudden the temperature dropped and hail fell from the sky. I cringed at every ping on the car. The hail was about marble size .. not too big. And then the storm just moved on, like nothing ever happened.

I have been stitching like a mad woman though... since the beginning of June I have stitched 16 items. Granted they are all smalls and not in finished form... just quick sews to keep my mind busy. I have included some pictures of those, too.

Justin and I have joined the reading program with our local library. The teens are having a party if they can read 15,000 minutes before the end of July. And the adult reading program is Bingo... REALLY fun and I get cool prizes, too. I encourage all of you to check our your local library and read something new and challenging this summer.

Keep Stitching (and Reading),


Last Minute thoughts

I am so glad that my jewelry giveaway is over ... You're gasping or laughing I am sure ... I am just glad that it's done with. Don't get me wrong giving away fun stuff is cool and all, but it's hard work and takes it's toll on the pocketbook. But when it's all said and done, I know that I made a ton of ladies happy out there. I have been asked if I needed help with the postage, and my answer is no. I do this out of the kindness of my heart, because I want to make others happy and share my creativity. Yea the postage can be outrageous, but no one is under obligation to pay for postage. But if you so feel inclined as a winner to do something, send me a postcard from your area or whatever the voices in your head tell you to do. I rec'd a card the other day from a winner in Canada... the cutest card ever!! Made my day I must say.

But on to other things... Lori is my final winner of a surprise package. I will be emailing you soon for a mailing address.

Other news -- we have some 'mater plants growing out in the flower bed this year. I have this thing where I cannot eat what I grow. I'm sure it's a phobia of some sort. I just cannot make myself eat something that I watched grow from a cute seedling, to a flowering plant, to baby 'maters, and then picking it -- AHH -- don't make it eat it too!! Call me weird -- whatever -- I just cannot eat it. But I will happily grow it and share them with everyone!!

I guess that's all for tonight -- I hope that everyone has a great weekend!!



Winners are

today's winners are .... Kim .... TerryN. .... Lisa .... and Theresa !!

Congrats to all my winners!! This was great!

Also -- Sue Fitz -- please email me your mailing address -- I need it!!

Another also -- lol I had one unclaimed jewelry item -- I don't know what it is since it was taped shut .... If you want it -- leave a comment on this post.