Summer is here!!

I know I haven't updated you with the goings on about here... things have been wacky crazy since school let out. Justin went to a weeklong camp about 3 hrs. away. While the silence was nice, I missed the lil booger. Here's some summery pictures ... our little garden is doing so well. We are picking at least 20 cherry tomatoes a day.. and maybe 1 or 2 early girls as well.

We had a hail storm about 2 weeks ago. Let me tell you that was crazy mad -- the lightning was hitting so close to our house and then all of a sudden the temperature dropped and hail fell from the sky. I cringed at every ping on the car. The hail was about marble size .. not too big. And then the storm just moved on, like nothing ever happened.

I have been stitching like a mad woman though... since the beginning of June I have stitched 16 items. Granted they are all smalls and not in finished form... just quick sews to keep my mind busy. I have included some pictures of those, too.

Justin and I have joined the reading program with our local library. The teens are having a party if they can read 15,000 minutes before the end of July. And the adult reading program is Bingo... REALLY fun and I get cool prizes, too. I encourage all of you to check our your local library and read something new and challenging this summer.

Keep Stitching (and Reading),


  1. Wow~~ Look at all those tomatos~~~ I wish mine would turn red soon......
    You have been quite busy, I see.... All those summer theme pieces are absolutely adorable~~

  2. Great stitching Cameo!! I have not forgotten you. I am still looking for something "pretty" to send you from France. A simple card just will not do.

  3. Yummy looking tomatoes. I'll take some if you have extras. LOL
    Cute monthly finishes too.
    Summer sounds like it will be a buzy one.

  4. The tomatoes look wonderful. Our first ones got attacked by ants, who decided to live in their food source. So, now we wait for the greens ones to turn red. I love all your monthly finishes - even though they are not "finished" as you pointed out - still it is something to be proud of!!! We have joined our library reading program here - it is something that is offered to the elementary school kids and the middle school kids volunteer to run it! There are prized for making it 1/2 way around the game board and then more at the end. Nothing for adults though.
    Take care!
    Lisa in CA

  5. Hope you didn't get any damage from the hail!
    and boy do those "maters' look GOOD!! ..lol..
    Cute stitches and wow! 16 pieces stitched since June 1st?!! Smalls or not, that's amazing!!

  6. hi mom guess where I am now...???
    love justin