Well I did it!

Kreinik's chart (supposed to be done in silks)
DMC threads and 18 ct plastic
whip stitched sparkly black felt to the back

I did it! I designed my 1st and probably only chart!! LOL It took some time and loads of changes from the original but it's stitched out and done! And probably headed for the trash bin -- I think it looks ridiculous... but that's me. So here it is....

So, what do you think?? Off the tip of her hat is a stitched pompom --but since it's white and the Aida is white -- you cannot see it too well. Another change that I need to make. I probably won't stitch it again on Aida becuz it seems to "block-like" to me... but I did have some fun doing it. I have learned that Brooke Nolan's job is not easy !! Please post comments and suggestions. I am open for criticism... really I am. I want to know what you think about it. Should I continue trying? or put it to rest? LOL

By the way, the Trilogy chart is sold. It should be finding a home really soon!

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One New Item for Sale

Keeping the blog short today -- I found a chart this morning in my stash that I know will never be stitched by me. Hopefully this is something you've been looking for.

I have "Grateful Hearts" by The Trilogy. You can see a picture of it here at http://www.123stitch.com/trilogy.html -- This leaflet includes the chart and has the sterling silver heart charms. I have never used it, nor opened the little zippie lock bag of charms. I am asking $5.00 for it and there's no fee for shipping. I ship quickly and securely. Please feel free to email me at cameo_br@yahoo.com if you have any questions or would like to purchase the chart. It's 1st come, 1st serve!!

Hope everyone is having a great week!!

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Hello everyone!! I hope that everyone had a great weekend!! The festival was so nice -- the vineyard had tiny grapes growing on them. That was really cool to see! I didn't make any money -- I paid for booth and sold one item that made my booth money back. But I got tons of exposure and talked to someone that is going to advertize for me in the local paper, even took my picture!!
So this week I am going to take some time off from regular sewing and get back to my cross-stitch!!! I so miss it... I did finish a chart that I had started a while back before all the festival business. It was a gift from a wonderful friend -- called "God bless Texas" from My Big Toe designs. I finished it and hope to be able to get it framed for my best friend. Gonna be a Christmas present -- I am sure that she will like it.
This evening I started stitching my self-designed chart... so far so good. I have made a few changes while stitching, but I guess that's part of the designing. I am stitching it on 14 ct Aida becuz it's my first designed piece and not too concerned with the finished product yet. Also have to finish my ornies for my swap exchange ... they are finished stitching wise -- just need to complete and pack.
We finally got a check from the insurance people -- but I have to make some calls since they withheld some money from us... grr! And the check is made out to us and the mortgage company -- that means more time spent trying to get it signed before any work can be done!!!! I just want to scream sometimes!! Our neighbor from across the street says that he will help us get part of the tree off the house.... I am thankful for that.

Well I need to get now -- this blog is quite long!!

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Well here's to another week!! Hard to believe that the year is almost gone... wow!

I have a show to do this weekend.. so I am sewing like a mad woman. I am making some purses and need to get started on some jewelry for Saturday. I love fall festivals!! I love the smell of crisp air, the coolness of the breezes, and the familiar sounds of crunching leaves. I love orange only during this time of year. Well I am keeping this blog short. I have to prioritize my time for optimal sewing. LOL

Have a great day!

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Too Much To Do...

I made a TO DO list for tomorrow ...and all week really -- oh my goodness!! I have a ton of things that I would like to get done. I am thinking ahead with Christmas coming -- going to make up some cute purses for people on our list. Justin has 4 female teachers so I know they will like the purses ... not sure what to make for the male teachers that he has. Any ideas?? I am trying to finish some stitching projects that I started as well. And I still have my self-designed chart to start on. Maegan is quizzing me about it -- I think it's more of playful get-your-butt-in-gear nudging!! I love her for it!

I don't really have anything to list for the Stash Diet. Well, I do ... just not in the mood to list anything at the moment. Maybe some other day when I can take my time to do it.

I think I am going to end for now -- but I will post more later since I know that I will have the time unlike last week. I hope that everyone is well and doing ok!

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The weekend is over!

Well this weekend is over and I am thankful for that!!

The show that I went to on Saturday was a real dud -- thank goodness there was no booth fee or I would have been out some money. I sold a few pieces of jewelry, but this wasn't the best place for my pieces. Wrong crowd. But live and learn, right?

I just finished stitching "Texas" from the Victoria Sampler -- this is from a series of 50 states and each kit teaches a new specialty stitch. This was a gift from a wonderful swap partner. It's been a long time since I stitched anything on evenweave and I remember why I love it so much. So soft and easy to work with.

I have also finished stitching my ornie for the October swap. Well actually I stitched 2 items becuz I couldn't decide on one... she's getting both!! I need to finish making them into the ornies and send the package -- I hope that she will be pleased.

ANDDDDDD I designed my first item.... Meagan and I were talking one evening, like we do sometimes (believe me -- I enjoy it immensely) and she tells me that I need to design. blah blah blah!! I'm not a designer I tell her... just not my thing. But she tells me that I modify things alot to my taste. blah blah blah! I'm so not a designer I tell her again! Well we were throwing around some ideas and I did it. I played with my PC Stitch program... I don't have the key for it. But it was free and I piddle sometimes with it. I designed something-- and it's cheesy cute!! But I couldn't save it, nor print. So I pulled out the trusty graph paper and pens. Took me near a day but it's graphed. I am going to stitch it sometime this week to see how it really looks before posting a picture. If it looks too dumb, it's all Meagan's fault for encouraging me. LOL Seriously, I love her to death and I'm sure it'll look ok.

Well, Justin has school tomorrow, we are making up days from the 2 weeks that we were off. I have a ton of errands to run. So, I am gonna close for now -- enjoy your Monday!!

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Dieting looks good on my Stash

Too bad it doesn't help out my tummy fat!! LOL

Little FYI: All the silk threads are going to a new home!! So sorry if you didn't get in on the deal.
Also the Plastic Canvas books -bon vonage! New homes, new owners!! If you're uncertain of what I have left, please feel free to email me at cameo_br@yahoo.com and I can answer any questions or give you an inventory update.

I have a show this weekend and I know that I am going to be dead tired Saturday night.... in lieu of that I will post a new item tonight.

It is a kit from Dimensions, counted cross stitch. It's called Welcome Mat, #6978. It's a cute pale green Welcome mat with pairs of flip flops all around. I had great intentions to stitch it, but I know that I won't. Everything is included, never been opened. $3.00 For details and pictures of this chart -- please see this site : http://www.dimensions-crafts.com/productcart/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=2138&IDCategory=25

Remember there's no shipping charge. First come, First serve!

I hope that everyone is having a GREAT day!! Keep Stitching!



Stash Diet continues!

Well -- it's a new day!! Sorry I haven't been updating as much as I could.
Last weekend the adjustor came and surveyed the damage on the roof and inside the house. He walked around taking notes, pictures, and measurements. Before he left -- told me that it will take a day for him to submit his paperwork, but maybe another 2-3 weeks before we get a check!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I am so frustrated!! But what can I do?? I mean, he's done his part. And I know that the insurance companies are just overwhelmed. So I'll be patient. And wait. sigh!

But on to better things! I have a tons of book/chart listings for sale. I can supply a picture if needed, but I just cannot upload all of them. Remember it's first come, first serve. And no charge for shipping on anything. I can combine things to make it easier for everyone!!

Enjoy your shopping!

1. Leisure Arts paperback - A Year of Sunflowers by Kathie Rueger ## $1.50
2. Dimensions leaflet - Mini Mumms by Debbie Mumm ## $2.00
3. The Gibson Portfolio (large fold out chart) - Winter -1890 ## $2.00
4. Forget-me-nots leaflet - House and Home I by Angela Pullen ## $2.00
5. Alma Lynne Designs- Noah and Company by Alma Lynne ## $4.00
6. Dimensions booklet - Chair of Bowlies and other charts by Mary Engebreit ## $2.00
7. Little Bits of Cross Stitch Book:1 43 animals ## $2.00
8. Stitch with Sudberry leaflet #85 - Summer Fun by Laura Doyle ## $3.00
9. DMC Library books - This is a set of 4 books as follows Garlands, Alphabets, Flowers & Fruits, and The Zoo ## $8.00 for the set of 4

10. Graph-it Arts booklet - Samplin' Country by Lynn Waters Busa ## $.75
11. Cross Stitch Wonders chart - Raven and Eagle by JoAnn George ## $5.00
12. The Needlecraft Shop (hardback book) - Holiday Wishes (plastic canvas) ## $2.00
13. House of White Birches (hardback book) - Christmas Celebrations (plastic canvas) ## $2.00

Hope you've enjoyed yourself -- all books/charts were either never used or barely looked at. Threads are still available.

Keep Stitching!


Stash Diet Bargains

I hope that everyone is well!!

I plan on keeping this blog a little on the short side as it's really late. Tomorrow I plan on letting you know how things went with the adjustor and how my weekend was.

My bargain is quite simply threads! I have a ton of vintage rayon threads. I have seperated and bagged them into 7 baggies. There are 11 individual threads in each baggie of either Star Rayon and/or JP Coats rayon. I have had these forever it seems and never stitched with them. There's really no sense in my keeping them if there's someone out there who will. If you buy more than one baggie you will get repeats... but I really tried to space them out. Each baggie is $5.00 and there's no charge for shipping.

I also have some silk thread for sale. I am going to list each one with the name, color number, and price. I don't remember what chart I bought these silks for, so I cannot answer any questions about them. They are brand new, as in they have never been used. Again -- there is no charge for shipping on anything listed.

Trebizond Silk (on a spool) #745 $1.50

Trebizond Silk (on a spool) # 744 $1.50

Trebizond Silk (on a spool) #743 $1.50

Au Ver A Soie Silk (on a spool) #486 $1.50

Au Ver A Soie Silk (on a spool) #313 $1.50

Au Ver A Soie Silk (on a spool) #663 $1.50

Soie Perlee Silk (on a spool) blanc $1.00

Remember you have to email me at cameo_br@yahoo.com to finalize the details. And it's first come -- first serve!! Hope everyone has a great week ahead of them!!

Keep Stitching!



Stash Diet News

Well, for your info... the Common Ground chart is sold. I am thrilled that it will be finding a new home. So far my diet is going well! LOL

Today's bargain is Mosey 'n Me "Hiddy Us - The Glamour Gus" chart. It's charted for both Anchor and DMC. I will never stitch this beauty, but maybe you will. I am asking $3.00 and there are no shipping charges. Please email me at cameo_br@yahoo.com so that we can finalize things. First come, first serve.

You can find the details at http://www.moseynme.com/

I am so lazy today. I ran errands all around town, paying bills, post office trip, doctor office with my Father in law, groceries, library... and I didn't feel like cooking on top of all that! So I am lazy! And I still have a tons of things to do this evening ...sigh !! It never ends, I swear it. So I ordered pizza online -- if you haven't tried it -- you gotta!!! It is so easy and my orders are never messed up becuz someone couldn't understand me. I use Dominoe's in my area, but I am sure there are others out there that offer this great service. And no I am not getting a free pizza or nor do I work for a pizzeria... I am just blogging about a great service that's out there for everyone that can use it. I hate talking on the phone to someone who may not care about my order and then messes it up. This makes it totally easy and I can subtract or add items without worrying that I am taking up too much time with a person on the phone. But enough about it-- the pizza and chicken are on the way!!

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October is here!

Well, it's official!! October is here! Are you getting any cooler weather? Seems the same here, not too hot in the afternoons and a bit cooler in the evenings.

Since getting my machine back yesterday, I have been sewing like a bat outta hell... how's that for a Halloween reference. LOL I finished all the tags/fobs that I had cut out and hope that you enjoy the pictures of them. This is gonna be fun ... but I will list them all for you.

From picture one L to R : hedgehog is from the Workbasket (freebie), August Rings is from Bent Creek (snapper kit), Boo Pumpkin is from Waxing Moon designs (freebie), ewe is from DMC (freebie), and my name in cross-stitch is an alphabet that is unknown. Picture 2 L to R: Crab is from DMC (freebie) and Hedwig's Four Patch is from The Sampler Girl (freebie). Picture 3 L to R : January Snows is from Bent Creek (snapper kit), April Glooms is from Bent Creek (snapper kit). Picture 4 L to R: Irish at Heart is from Just Another Button Company (freebie), Crab (as mentioned above), Pentagram is from Stitch Witch (freebie), Hello Spring is from Lizzie*Kate (freebie), fish is from an unknown chart. Picture 5 L to R: knight with dragon is from "Jo Verso's Cross Stitch Year 1001 Motifs to Celebrate the Events of the Seasons" book, and Spooky Patch is from Lizzie*Kate (freebie). WHEW!!

I am quite pleased with how they turned out. The sewing took some time, but the grommet squishing was fun! Some of these will be gifts for close friends right now, and others will wait till Christmas. What fun!!

One last thing, I was inspired by someone in another blog... sorry I don't remember who said it... to go on a stash diet. What a concept! I love the idea. So I am going through my stash and getting some items together that I know I will NEVER stitch in this lifetime. I would like to offer them up for sale. I will try to post one every day until everything I can spare is gone.

Today's bargain is Just Nan's Common Ground chart with embellishment pack. This also includes the accessories chart too!! I am only asking $15.00 and there is no charge for shipping.
Email me at cameo_br@yahoo.com if you are interested so that we can finalize things. First come, first serve.
You can view the details at http://www.justnan.com/

Keep Stitching!