Hello everyone!! I hope that everyone had a great weekend!! The festival was so nice -- the vineyard had tiny grapes growing on them. That was really cool to see! I didn't make any money -- I paid for booth and sold one item that made my booth money back. But I got tons of exposure and talked to someone that is going to advertize for me in the local paper, even took my picture!!
So this week I am going to take some time off from regular sewing and get back to my cross-stitch!!! I so miss it... I did finish a chart that I had started a while back before all the festival business. It was a gift from a wonderful friend -- called "God bless Texas" from My Big Toe designs. I finished it and hope to be able to get it framed for my best friend. Gonna be a Christmas present -- I am sure that she will like it.
This evening I started stitching my self-designed chart... so far so good. I have made a few changes while stitching, but I guess that's part of the designing. I am stitching it on 14 ct Aida becuz it's my first designed piece and not too concerned with the finished product yet. Also have to finish my ornies for my swap exchange ... they are finished stitching wise -- just need to complete and pack.
We finally got a check from the insurance people -- but I have to make some calls since they withheld some money from us... grr! And the check is made out to us and the mortgage company -- that means more time spent trying to get it signed before any work can be done!!!! I just want to scream sometimes!! Our neighbor from across the street says that he will help us get part of the tree off the house.... I am thankful for that.

Well I need to get now -- this blog is quite long!!

Keep Stitching!

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