Well here's to another week!! Hard to believe that the year is almost gone... wow!

I have a show to do this weekend.. so I am sewing like a mad woman. I am making some purses and need to get started on some jewelry for Saturday. I love fall festivals!! I love the smell of crisp air, the coolness of the breezes, and the familiar sounds of crunching leaves. I love orange only during this time of year. Well I am keeping this blog short. I have to prioritize my time for optimal sewing. LOL

Have a great day!

Keep Stitching!



  1. Cameo that's such a cool picture!

    Good luck with the festival, I'm also stitching like crazy, but that's to get over the things for the exchanges and finish the angels I'll be sending, got the crazy idea of doing them in an industrial style lol Now I have a lot of unfinished angels waiting to be put up together.

  2. thanks Sandra -- I don't normally like snails -- but that one is just a cutie!! Good Luck with your angel assembly!! I cannot imagine taking on such a big project like that -- You've definetly earned the crazy stitching crown!! LOL