A little beach time

Yesterday after Donald came home from working, we got a little spontaneous and packed the car.. drove off to the beach (Galveston). It was really spur of the moment -- and I like that. So spur of the moment that I forgot the blasted camera!! GRR! oh well. We went towards the late afternoon - early evening time. Granted the parked was crowded on the seawall, the beach area wasn't too bad. We found a pleasant area in the softer sand to park our chairs and picnic basket. We had dinner in the sand and watched the sun sink lower in the evening sky. Justin and I later frolicked in the warm water ...getting about waist deep. Donald and I walked down the shore a bit looking for shells to gather. Guess what we found?? A mermaid's purse!! It was sooo cool.

Tons of people walked over it, oblivious to what it really was. It was my treasure for the day. The seashells were very few ... no thanks to Hurricane Ike. But it was a REALLY nice time spent. I hope that we can go back again this summer and enjoy the experience all over again.

candy piece


No stitching on Saturday... but I will show you what I got done of the critters. Enjoy!!


Also, I rec'd my ornie from my swap partner with Brooke's Yahoo group.. it's a beautiful biscornu with flowers and bees. Really nice work and I will happily display it on my Christmas tree this year. Thanks Doris!

front side

back side

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Hannah is done done done!!

I am happy to report to you that Hannah is done!! YAY!! And let me tell you -- she is just so darned cute!! I really enjoyed stitching her as well, she has such "happy" colors.
Hannah's hat

part one

part two

I used a slightly darker shade of pink Kreinik for her hat. And something just told me to do the cross lines on her skirt in gold Kreinik. And I am glad that I listened.

part three -- I thought that I was completely done and remembered her hat -- DUH!!

Hannah done
For my next trick (snicker snicker)-- I am going to start on Brooke's Spooky Critters. This should be a total blast!! Keep an eye out for pictures.

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Fiona Fiona Fiona -- ALL DONE!!

part one

I am super excited to show you the pictures that I took while stitching on Fiona the past few days. She was heavy laden with Kreinik, but she's marvelous that way. Blues are my favorite color in the whole wide world... so I had tons of fun watching her come alive.

part 2

part 3

I did the raffia broom with her, too -- will prolly do the same for Hannah. I gave Fiona a necklace becuz she just needed it. I used blending filament in silver Kreinik and a single blue faceted bead for the pendant. I think she's just gorgeous, don't you agree?? I didn't add any bows to the top of the hat ... just didn't need them in my opinion.

part 4 --almost done

completed!! --

Thought that I would share another finish that I completed. I lacked a carrot nose button and was able to get one last Saturday. YAY!! I think it will be a pillow for Christmas time.

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July Ornie Swap Pictures

With Brooke's Board Interactive-- Yahoo Stitching Group-- I found out that my partner rec'd her ornie for the month of July. Soooo, that now means I can share pictures with you. I sent her some goodies of course.. I just cannot help it. Her picture shows all the goodies that I sent. But I have some close up pics of the ornie as well. Enjoy!!

You guys are not going to believe how much I have done on Fiona today -- she's nearly half done already. I am saving pics to share with you tomorrow, becuz I am pretty sure I will be done with her then. And after Fiona is finished... Hannah!!

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July Finishes and new witchy started

So glad that you guys enjoyed Gwen. I have started on her sister, Fiona today. I have to say that I love Fiona more than the others, becuz she's covered in fabulous blues. My fav color is blue so I am really partial to this witchy. This is what I have accomplished so far...

pet spider


Here are some finishes that I have done this month as well.

Well as soon as I get some more stitching done -- more pictures will be taken and shared with you!! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Justin goes to a Science Camp here in town starting tomorrow -- I cannot tell you how happy that will make me!! LOL

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Gwen Gwen Gwen!! all done!

part 1

Right after I finished the gingerbread cookie boy, I started on one of many Brooke Nolan's designs that I have in my stash. I tend to save her designs for last in my "to-do" pile since they are so detailed and perfect. About a week ago, I rec'd her witchy witches. I was sooo happy!! Well I started on Gwen. I think she's so whimsical.. she's a doll.
Gwen's hat --sweet and petite
Gwen's cauldron -- who is hiding in there??
Gwen's pet froggie -- pink is soo in!
part 2

part 3

It only took me a total of 3 days to complete Gwen. Of course, I took it everywhere with me so that I didn't waste a minute. I had to change some colors. Kreinik is not so easy for me to put my hands on when I need it. So I took a chance and used all 3 colors that I had instead of the ones that Brooke suggested. I used black for her boots and cauldron. Periwinkle for the corset and sock stripes. And a pale yellow instead of the topaz for the dress folds. I don't think it was so bad.... some times you just have to make due. Also, the beaded posie was done a tad differently. Brooke suggested that each petal be done in one color alternating each petal as a different color....well you know I just cannot do that. Seeing that I had a ton of beads, I alternated each of the colors on each petal... meaning each petal had all the colors. It turned out really colorful.

part 4 -- almost done

part 4b -- a better picture

Some other changes was that I had to back the hat with paper... course you don't see that but as I got to the tip it was starting to be really flimsy. And instead of a "floss broom" -- I used raffia. She was a real joy to work on and I am quite happy with her. Not too sure what I am going to do with her now. I may add a hanger to the back so that she can hang on a tree or be hung elsewhere.

all done

close up of broom

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My Favorite Men is complete!

finished piece

I am happy to announce that "My Favorite Men" is done done done!! And it's so BIG!! I guess I didn't realize it would be. No sizing was given on the chart, so I really didn't think about it. Of course it's done on 14 ct Aida so that should have been a clue. Meagan was the first to see it last night as I finished it in the wee hours. She gave me an idea and I am going to work on it. I don't want to reveal it yet. But I think you will be pleasantly surprised when I am finished. I might even do a tutorial as I am sewing. hmmmm interested?? Enjoy the pictures everyone!!

close up of banner with beads

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My Favorite Men 2

Well, I have been really slaving away on this bad boy!! I am happy to say that I am ALMOST done -- ugh!- - seems like it's taking forever to finish it. I have to add some leaves of green to the top and bottom banners, add beading all about, and outline the red ribbon. Fingers crossed that tomorrow will be the big day.
I took it with me to the orthodontist and got most of the stars done ... then it was off to the library and becuz I only took the yellow thread with me -- the stars were finished in no time --
I sat around like a doofus with nothing more to stitch on it. Sigh! Wasted time was finished up though this evening while watching a DVD on the computer. I hope that you enjoy it! Come back tomorrow for I am pretty sure that it will be completed.

Keep Stitching,


My Favorite Men

Well I know it's been awhile since I have posted -- But I have been stitching up a storm. I finished my ornies for the BBI Ornie Swap for July. Since I know that one of my swappers (LOL) has received her ornie, I will post it here for you to enjoy. I was lucky that she lives really close, I hope to get to know her better.
Well this post is called My Favorite Men and I haven't yet talked about it... LOL I helped my bf's mother clean up a bedroom and we came across this chart that was just barely started. Some of the outline of the cookie was done and a few of the letters. Now mind you I got this on Thursday the 9th, and this is my progress since then. It lacks a border thing at the top and bottom, and of course some beading. The chart is by Sisters and Best Friends and is called "My Favorite Men are Cookies". It's an older chart, but cute none the less. It's being done on 14 ct blue Aida with DMC colors that it called for. I am hoping to have it done before the end of the week.

Seems that Christmas has been on my mind since doing the ornie swap. I have finished my other ornie for my other swapper, but cannot post it until I know that she has got it.

Well I hope that you are having a great week so far. Justin has an orthodontist appt. on Monday morning. I always take what I am working on with me so that I am not bored. The ladies there love to "ooh" and "ahh" over my work. My plans are to make them something too. But that'll be my secret.

Keep Stitching,



French Chicken and Dried Rose Petals

Ok -- if that didn't get your attention -- nothing will!! And no -- it's not some gourmet overprice recipe for disaster either!! lol I received the most wonderful card from Alice in France. Inside were some beautiful dried rose petals and a chicken magnet. And it's the CUTEST chicken magnet ever!! I love it Alice and thank you so much for thinking about me!

I know that I have been quite lazy for the past few weeks. Just been stitching and having a good time. The family reunion went over well -- and I actually swam in my new suit. We saw a bunch of family, and one uncle didn't know who I was. Such a good feeling!! No one remembered to take a camera so no pictures :-( ... hopefully next year. But let me tell you what -- it was freakin hot !! 104 degrees -- thank goodness for air conditioning! Everyone agreed that next year's reunion will be in April when it's still cooler.

I hope that your 4th of July was a good one for my US readers. It was HOTTER than blazes here again -- over 100 degrees. But a good time was had by all. Our city throws a big shindig. On Friday night we had The David Glen Band (local talent) and the Bellamy Brothers. It was a great evening for singing and entertainment. It got cooler in the evening time. Then on Saturday we had a menagerie of entertainment... from Zydeco to Country ... later that evening we had John Michael Montgomery in concert!! And of course a fireworks display... we are lucky enough to sit in our front lawn and see the fireworks. After it's all over - we grab our chairs and head inside ... no fighting traffic!!

I hope that you are enjoying some of my latest finishes. I hope to be able to complete them into a few ornies and such this summer -- but one never knows! Been reading much this summer? The last book that I read was "A Southern Belle Primer or why Princess Margaret will never be a Kappa Kappa Gamma" by Maryln Schwartz. Such a good read and funny to boot! Well I hope that you are having a great summer!!

Keep Stitching or Reading or Staying Cool or ...