My Favorite Men 2

Well, I have been really slaving away on this bad boy!! I am happy to say that I am ALMOST done -- ugh!- - seems like it's taking forever to finish it. I have to add some leaves of green to the top and bottom banners, add beading all about, and outline the red ribbon. Fingers crossed that tomorrow will be the big day.
I took it with me to the orthodontist and got most of the stars done ... then it was off to the library and becuz I only took the yellow thread with me -- the stars were finished in no time --
I sat around like a doofus with nothing more to stitch on it. Sigh! Wasted time was finished up though this evening while watching a DVD on the computer. I hope that you enjoy it! Come back tomorrow for I am pretty sure that it will be completed.

Keep Stitching,


  1. your doing a great job on it.can't wait to see the finish.and i loved the ornament you made for the swap you made it in the album first. Terry N

  2. I love your cross stitch, such a sweetie! Who's the designer? Have a great week, Lori xxx

  3. this is just adorable and it's so cool you guys rediscovered it again:)