October is upon us...

With October right around the corner -- I get excited. Not only becuz my birthday will be fastly approaching, but also Halloween!!

I love love love Halloween!! As a kid, I got to dress up in homemade outfits. My mother didn't believe in store bought costumes. I can remember one year I was in 1st grade, and we were allowed to wear our costumes to school. I was a princess complete with a wand and a cone-shaped hat? to wear. The teachers made me take off my hat becuz it was so tall that other kids couldn't see around me. HAHA I loved that outfit. Another year as I got older - I became Cleopatra. Would you believe that a cross-stitching hoop covered in foil makes for a great headpiece? I have pictures of that too! We would go trick-or-treating for candy way before sunset and took our Unicef boxes with us too. Those were the days when it was sorta safe. Then my mother found God and we stopped celebrating... that was the lowest point in my life. I hated not being able to go out and be a part of the haunting. When Mother and Dad divorced, Dad picked up right where we left off. IT WAS AWESOME!! He bought tons of candy and we loved it. That year I was Elvira!! You don't want to see pictures of that! LOL

And now that I have my own home and family, I celebrate Halloween. I love it!!! One year for my son's school, I dressed up as Cruella DeVille, complete with the black and white hair and spotted stole. No pictures though. :-( I decorate the yard with different items, the porch with hanging skeletons, and I usually buy a bale of hay and tons of pumpkins to display, and the house inside is decorated here and there with items.

This year will be a bit odd since Justin is getting older and doesn't want to get dressed up. I know there will come a time when he won't even notice the decorations. Well, I think I have jabbered enough for today... and no I don't have my machine back yet!! I am going nutso!!

Keep Stitching!


**The above stitched item is a witch's hat by Stitch Witch, it was offered as a freebie. I don't know if it's still available. The website is www.stitch-witch.com


Don't that beat all!!

I am a little pissed off today!! There I said it! I got all my smalls trimmed and coordinated with fabric, pinned and picked out the sewing threads to match, put my sewing machine on the desk, plugged it in and went to thread ... and the damned tension knob broke off in my hand!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! I was soo mad ... and I am trying to shove it back in cuz I am thinking it's just pops out. Fat chance! It's literally broke off this itty bitty thin rod ... where's the super glue?!?! LOL Thankfully I have a really good sewing machine guy that I like to take my machines to... $16.99 for the part ...sigh.. and I'll have it tomorrow YAY! It's an older machine that I got at an estate sale -- but it's a good machine, nice and heavy. Well guess I'll have to sew them tomorrow then... ~~still fuming~~ I think I'll go cross-stitch to get this off my mind.

It's such a BEAUTIFUL day outside!! And it's so nice and quiet!! **snickering**

Have a wonderful Monday ya'll!!

Keep Stitching!

above picture is "Boo Pumpkin" by Waxing Moon Design on my tea-dyed Aida, it's going to be turned into one of those tags/fobs when I get my #$@&$%# machine back LOL!


School to re-start tomorrow morning after Hurricane Ike

Well I must say that I am thankful that we didn't suffer as much damage. We are a lot better off than most, but my heart goes out to them. Here I was feeling sorry for myself and the tree that landed on the house, and then I talked to a dear librarian friend. A massive 43 ton pecan tree fell on her house and took out her entire living room. OMG!! I was flabbergasted... when did trees become that big and heavy?? She's happy that they are safe... and she gets to pick out a new living room set!! Shopping can be good even with the bad!! LOL

But school restarts after a 2 week hiatus. Justin doesn't want to go back and who can blame him? I mean for the past 2 weeks he's been playing with friends, playing outdoors in the yard, reading books, playing with toys in his room... it's like summer never ended for him. But I must say that I will be pleased when the school bus comes around the corner and carts him off. You laugh -- but you know what I am talking about.

Tomorrow will be pleasantly quiet and relaxing for me to work on some sewing, cleaning house, and general errands. I am working on some small cross-stitched items and turning them into tags/ fobs/ keyring thingamabobs... I don't really know what to call them or if they even have a name for that matter. Little grommetted babies. I plan on giving them away for presents at Christmas time or tucking them away in packages sent abroad. When I finish a few I will post a picture for all of you to oogle.... or ogle ... whatever! Drool if you have to!! LOL

Well enough talking ya ears off -- I have laundry to finish before I hit the hay. Hope everyone has a great week!!

the pillow above is an Alma Lynne chart... it is finished as a tie-on pillow


Let's see if I can get a picture to post ~~

ALRIGHTTTTTTTT!!! This is an Ikea shelf unit that holds all my stitching junk, threads, books, scrapbooking items, etc. On the 2nd shelf from the top -- the white labeled things are drawers for all my threads -- one skein wound on a bobbin of every DMC cotton floss color!! This was my mother's floss dresser, and then I would up with it and each drawer is labeled with the color's number. I have them in numeric order. Organized freak, I know!! Well enough about me and my stash.
Keep Stitching!

Ok I am a blogging newbie ... yikes!

Ok... this is a bit strange for me and I have knots in my stomach... are people really going to read this?? gasp! I'm a blogging newbie! yikes ~~I said it!

Wow .. burden gone now. I will introduce myself and some of those fun things that I enjoy doing. I don't want people thinking that I'm some kind of weirdo on the Internet... HA!

My name is Cameo. I live in Texas near Houston with my husband and 11 yr. son. I love funky and weird things. I collect anything that my eye fancies. Turtles, frogs, fairies, gargoyles... weird and odd things. I love love love to cross-stitch!! I am a member of cross stitch board in Yahoo groups that I enjoy immensely. I have done a few swaps/exchanges and found new friends... it's really that great!! Stitching calms me down and that's always a good thing when you're a paranoid freak like me!! LOL Seriously, it's a great craft that I think everyone should try. Well, I think I will close for now ... the butterflies in my stomach are tickling my esophagus and oh my goodness!! LOL

Before I close out -- I am going to try -- keyword try -- to include a photo or two of some finished stitched items or homelife for ya to enjoy!! I welcome feedback -- only the good ones. Bad feedback goes in the trashy can!!

Keep Stitching!