School to re-start tomorrow morning after Hurricane Ike

Well I must say that I am thankful that we didn't suffer as much damage. We are a lot better off than most, but my heart goes out to them. Here I was feeling sorry for myself and the tree that landed on the house, and then I talked to a dear librarian friend. A massive 43 ton pecan tree fell on her house and took out her entire living room. OMG!! I was flabbergasted... when did trees become that big and heavy?? She's happy that they are safe... and she gets to pick out a new living room set!! Shopping can be good even with the bad!! LOL

But school restarts after a 2 week hiatus. Justin doesn't want to go back and who can blame him? I mean for the past 2 weeks he's been playing with friends, playing outdoors in the yard, reading books, playing with toys in his room... it's like summer never ended for him. But I must say that I will be pleased when the school bus comes around the corner and carts him off. You laugh -- but you know what I am talking about.

Tomorrow will be pleasantly quiet and relaxing for me to work on some sewing, cleaning house, and general errands. I am working on some small cross-stitched items and turning them into tags/ fobs/ keyring thingamabobs... I don't really know what to call them or if they even have a name for that matter. Little grommetted babies. I plan on giving them away for presents at Christmas time or tucking them away in packages sent abroad. When I finish a few I will post a picture for all of you to oogle.... or ogle ... whatever! Drool if you have to!! LOL

Well enough talking ya ears off -- I have laundry to finish before I hit the hay. Hope everyone has a great week!!

the pillow above is an Alma Lynne chart... it is finished as a tie-on pillow


  1. That is the CUTEST design for the Halloween season! Thanks for sharing...you did a great job!
    Lynn S.

  2. Thanks Lynn!! I really enjoyed stitching it but I never knew how I would finish it. But I am quite happy with the turn-out. Hoping that I can start decorating for Halloweenie this weekend. YAY!