Don't that beat all!!

I am a little pissed off today!! There I said it! I got all my smalls trimmed and coordinated with fabric, pinned and picked out the sewing threads to match, put my sewing machine on the desk, plugged it in and went to thread ... and the damned tension knob broke off in my hand!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! I was soo mad ... and I am trying to shove it back in cuz I am thinking it's just pops out. Fat chance! It's literally broke off this itty bitty thin rod ... where's the super glue?!?! LOL Thankfully I have a really good sewing machine guy that I like to take my machines to... $16.99 for the part ...sigh.. and I'll have it tomorrow YAY! It's an older machine that I got at an estate sale -- but it's a good machine, nice and heavy. Well guess I'll have to sew them tomorrow then... ~~still fuming~~ I think I'll go cross-stitch to get this off my mind.

It's such a BEAUTIFUL day outside!! And it's so nice and quiet!! **snickering**

Have a wonderful Monday ya'll!!

Keep Stitching!

above picture is "Boo Pumpkin" by Waxing Moon Design on my tea-dyed Aida, it's going to be turned into one of those tags/fobs when I get my #$@&$%# machine back LOL!

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