October is upon us...

With October right around the corner -- I get excited. Not only becuz my birthday will be fastly approaching, but also Halloween!!

I love love love Halloween!! As a kid, I got to dress up in homemade outfits. My mother didn't believe in store bought costumes. I can remember one year I was in 1st grade, and we were allowed to wear our costumes to school. I was a princess complete with a wand and a cone-shaped hat? to wear. The teachers made me take off my hat becuz it was so tall that other kids couldn't see around me. HAHA I loved that outfit. Another year as I got older - I became Cleopatra. Would you believe that a cross-stitching hoop covered in foil makes for a great headpiece? I have pictures of that too! We would go trick-or-treating for candy way before sunset and took our Unicef boxes with us too. Those were the days when it was sorta safe. Then my mother found God and we stopped celebrating... that was the lowest point in my life. I hated not being able to go out and be a part of the haunting. When Mother and Dad divorced, Dad picked up right where we left off. IT WAS AWESOME!! He bought tons of candy and we loved it. That year I was Elvira!! You don't want to see pictures of that! LOL

And now that I have my own home and family, I celebrate Halloween. I love it!!! One year for my son's school, I dressed up as Cruella DeVille, complete with the black and white hair and spotted stole. No pictures though. :-( I decorate the yard with different items, the porch with hanging skeletons, and I usually buy a bale of hay and tons of pumpkins to display, and the house inside is decorated here and there with items.

This year will be a bit odd since Justin is getting older and doesn't want to get dressed up. I know there will come a time when he won't even notice the decorations. Well, I think I have jabbered enough for today... and no I don't have my machine back yet!! I am going nutso!!

Keep Stitching!


**The above stitched item is a witch's hat by Stitch Witch, it was offered as a freebie. I don't know if it's still available. The website is www.stitch-witch.com

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