My Big Project

Ok so I got this project back in 2007... July 21st to be exact. I saw the chart in "The World of Cross Stitching" magazine -- which I truly love those mags from the UK. And this free chart was included and I made the mistake of showing it to my MIL. Well she fell in love with it and asked me to stitch it for her. I must have been out of my mind when I said sure Mom! OH MY GOODNESS -- this is chart is the biggest challenge ever!! 15 by 13 inches and 27 different shades of red, pink, and mauves. And beads too!! So I've had it on the frame and I had it off the frame... well it's back on the frame again. I want to finish it this year so that I can present it to my MIL for Christmas. I'm not sure that it can be done that fast but I am really devoting all my stitching time to it. I am open to any and all comments.... tell me what you think!

Keep Stitching,
This is all that I have stitching since 2 days ago. The above picture is the chart -- it's covering my keyboard for size reference.


Some more finishes to share

Hey you guys!! I hope that everyone had a good weekend... we cleaned out our garage this Sunday and getting rid of a ton of crap through Freecycle. Just doing our part for the environment.
The Frederick the Literate Cat kit is sold -- the other 2 kits are still up for grabs.

Here are some more of my finishes for January -- still have more to take pictures of. The bookmark was a part of the January swap for BBI, for my partner Gis in Canada. It's the 4 seasons ... just too cute! The other 2 finishes are charts from JCS Ornie Magazine 2008 issue.

Just a small bit of news -- I was featured in the Nordic Needle Newsletter for this Monday coming, I got the email today. Just bragging on myself!! If you would like to read a copy -- email me at cameo_br@yahoo.com and I will forward it to you!!

Keep Stitching,


Stash for Sale

Ok -- I was cleaning house some today and over the weekend... I found some kits!! I will never stitch them, not even sure where I got them to be honest. So they are for sale!! Shipping is free!! Just email me at cameo_br@yahoo.com -- 1st come, 1st serve. You can see all the information about these kits at this site ~~ http://shop.artscraftsusa.com/index.asp

This is Frederick the Literate Cat from Dimensions.... brand new and never opened. $10

This is Quaint Country Retreat from Dimensions.. it is also brand new, never opened. $10

This is Frame a Name (Wedding Record) from Dimensions .. it is brand new, never opened -- also included is the embossed designer mat in full color. Even though this is a wedding record, it can be used for a family trio of pictures or would be quite lovely for a girl's room. $9
I must have went on a Dimensions spree to have so many of them available. Remember these are only KITS -- not the finished item. Have a great week!!
Keep Stitching,


Some Finishes for the New Year

Hey ya'll === I thought that I would share some of my finishes for the new year with you.
Don't ya feel special?? I hope that you enjoy them.

Autumn Wreath is from Pelin Tezer -- she used an orange varigated
for hers but I decided to do mine in greens.
This cute bear is from the Cross Stitcher #207 issue, it was a freebie
the chart is called "Winter Wonderland"

Sampler Girl provided this freebie chart called "By the Sea" -- I used varigated threads with color suggestions that she offered. I think mine looks bright and summer-y!

These 2 ornies can be found in the 2008 issues of Just Cross Stitch Ornie mag.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Keep Stitching,


Busy Busy Busy

I have been super busy helping Meagan with BBI. I have become a moderator and organizing our latest endeavour, a birthday floss exchange. This should be exciting and fun. So many members have decided to join that it's almost overwhelming. I just hope that everyone keeps up with sending the birthday cards. But it should be an awesome exchange over the entire year.

My weight loss is going good -- lost another 7 lbs. I think there's a pattern starting here! LOL I am feeling great!! The water aerobics and treadmill are working out great for me. On Friday, Donald and I are going to work more on the cardio machines.

So, it's 12 days into the new year... are you keeping your goals?? I hope so!!

Gotta go for now -- I will keep you posted with all my happenings and latest finishes real soon!!

Keep Stitching,



Doing the Gym Thing

Well I am trying -- and it seems to be working... Lost 7 lbs. so far. How about that?? I did a swimming aerobics class this morning and OH MY GOD!! It was a good workout for me -- but wow! The instructor was great!! I really enjoyed her teaching methods. She's a bigger girl, not one of those skinny minis, so I felt comfortable doing it. Tomorrow it's gonna be the treadmill again for about 30 mins.

Off to stitch some -- feels good to sit down and just relax.

Hope you're having a wonderful day!! It's raining here and school is back in session!! YAYYYYY!! lol

Keep Stitching,



Happiest New Year to You!

Happy New Year!!
Ok, like I said in a previous post that I am making some goals for myself this year. Things that I know I will be able to accomplish... attainable goals. Taking care of my face, hair, and body. 3 things that isn't that hard to do, but things that I really need to be on the ball. Donald and I will be joining a local gym on Saturday. I am excited and scared about this. But my best friend has joined too, so I won't be going at it alone.

Another goal is stitching more for myself. I know that this goal sounds goofy, and somewhat unattainable. But I stitch so much for others, which I love doing... but I really want to make some cool items just for me to enjoy. I have a cross-stitch journal from last year where I wrote down everything I made. I stitched 135 items last year ... and maybe 3-4 of those were for myself. I have a new journal for this year... and I plan on stitching more items this year -- my goal is 130 items (last year's goal was 110)... but I want more of those items for me. I hope that's not to selfish sounding. I really want to make a stitcher's accessory kit or something like it for myself. I have seen them on other blogs and thought how cool is that.
This year is my year!!

Another goal -- this has been eating my lunch for 2 years now.. is to finish "Lady of Summer". This chart was a freebie in one of my British magazines. I made the mistake of showing it to my mother in law... she went down and bought the fabric and all the threads needed, then asked me to stitch it. OH MY GOODNESS -- it's so large that it's intimidating. I cringe when I see it... I had it on the frame and stitched maybe one sq. inch of it and said -- ohh hell no!! LOL It's just too large for me... finished it's supposed to be 15x13 inches... AHHHHHHHHH!! I forget how many shades of pink and maroon there is.... But my goal -- insane as it is -- is to complete it before Christmas of 2009. I want to be able to present it to her for Christmas.

Well there you have it -- my goals for the year. Do you think I can do it?? I hope that I can.

Keep Stitching!