Stash for Sale

Ok -- I was cleaning house some today and over the weekend... I found some kits!! I will never stitch them, not even sure where I got them to be honest. So they are for sale!! Shipping is free!! Just email me at cameo_br@yahoo.com -- 1st come, 1st serve. You can see all the information about these kits at this site ~~ http://shop.artscraftsusa.com/index.asp

This is Frederick the Literate Cat from Dimensions.... brand new and never opened. $10

This is Quaint Country Retreat from Dimensions.. it is also brand new, never opened. $10

This is Frame a Name (Wedding Record) from Dimensions .. it is brand new, never opened -- also included is the embossed designer mat in full color. Even though this is a wedding record, it can be used for a family trio of pictures or would be quite lovely for a girl's room. $9
I must have went on a Dimensions spree to have so many of them available. Remember these are only KITS -- not the finished item. Have a great week!!
Keep Stitching,


  1. Hi Cameo, I would like to buy "Frederick the Literate Cat". Does it still availeble?
    my e-mail is: katherine.ferrari@bluewin.ch
    Thank you

  2. Sorry Kat -- someone already emailed me about Frederick ...