Doing the Gym Thing

Well I am trying -- and it seems to be working... Lost 7 lbs. so far. How about that?? I did a swimming aerobics class this morning and OH MY GOD!! It was a good workout for me -- but wow! The instructor was great!! I really enjoyed her teaching methods. She's a bigger girl, not one of those skinny minis, so I felt comfortable doing it. Tomorrow it's gonna be the treadmill again for about 30 mins.

Off to stitch some -- feels good to sit down and just relax.

Hope you're having a wonderful day!! It's raining here and school is back in session!! YAYYYYY!! lol

Keep Stitching,



  1. Wow girl!! 7 lbs is awesome!!

  2. That's right, Cameo, 7 is awesome!! I've started swimming (the aerobics is way too early for me). No weight loss yet! keep up the good work!

  3. Well done. Good for you! Exercise is good for heart and soul.

    I'm walking and doing yoga, to balance mind and body.

  4. WOOOHOOO Girl! So proud of you! Your not going to be able to say LMFAO soon!