My Big Project

Ok so I got this project back in 2007... July 21st to be exact. I saw the chart in "The World of Cross Stitching" magazine -- which I truly love those mags from the UK. And this free chart was included and I made the mistake of showing it to my MIL. Well she fell in love with it and asked me to stitch it for her. I must have been out of my mind when I said sure Mom! OH MY GOODNESS -- this is chart is the biggest challenge ever!! 15 by 13 inches and 27 different shades of red, pink, and mauves. And beads too!! So I've had it on the frame and I had it off the frame... well it's back on the frame again. I want to finish it this year so that I can present it to my MIL for Christmas. I'm not sure that it can be done that fast but I am really devoting all my stitching time to it. I am open to any and all comments.... tell me what you think!

Keep Stitching,
This is all that I have stitching since 2 days ago. The above picture is the chart -- it's covering my keyboard for size reference.


  1. I'll be your cheerleader!! This piece will be gorgeous and I know you CAN do it! Just think how excited your MIL is going to be!
    I can't wait to see your progress, cause you've already made a great start!

  2. woohoooo I have a cheerleader!! got pompoms?? LOL

  3. That is sure a huge piece.
    You made a good start on it so looking forward to see more updates.