Progress on my BIG project and startings of another

So here's the picture from last week...

And here's some of the work that I have been able to fit in here and there this week. Not too bad... took forever to make sure that I counted correctly to come down the front part of the dress. Lord knows if you mess up here -- it's all off. Took me 2 hrs to count and recount, frog and stitch, but it's perfect now. And when I am not working on my "lady"... I am working on ....(scroll down)....

And this is another BIG project that I have started.
But when given the opportunity to learn a new skill I have to jump at the chance. This project is canvas work. And I adore the colors that I am using. The pattern was purchased on http://www.needledelights.com/ . And it's called Symmetry. My best friend's mom, Sue is teaching me this new technique of needlework. She is bad bad badddd enabler, but I love her dearly for taking the time to teach me new stuff. She also gave me another chart to do, but I am saving that one for later.

This is what mine will hopefully look like when completed. Fingers crossed. My red doesn't seem as bright as the picture shown. Well that's all for now. I hope to be able to post again really soon!!

Keep Stitching,



  1. Great progress on your "lady"!!
    and WOW!! Look at you getting us excited about a new stitching project!! That is going to be gorgeous! Great start!

  2. Your progress is coming along great and that's another beautiful new project.

  3. Wow great progress and nice new start!
    Nothing's wrong with you. I'm just te same, and start different big projects. I have just ordered an HAED and will start this one too as soon as it comes in.