A little beach time

Yesterday after Donald came home from working, we got a little spontaneous and packed the car.. drove off to the beach (Galveston). It was really spur of the moment -- and I like that. So spur of the moment that I forgot the blasted camera!! GRR! oh well. We went towards the late afternoon - early evening time. Granted the parked was crowded on the seawall, the beach area wasn't too bad. We found a pleasant area in the softer sand to park our chairs and picnic basket. We had dinner in the sand and watched the sun sink lower in the evening sky. Justin and I later frolicked in the warm water ...getting about waist deep. Donald and I walked down the shore a bit looking for shells to gather. Guess what we found?? A mermaid's purse!! It was sooo cool.

Tons of people walked over it, oblivious to what it really was. It was my treasure for the day. The seashells were very few ... no thanks to Hurricane Ike. But it was a REALLY nice time spent. I hope that we can go back again this summer and enjoy the experience all over again.

candy piece


No stitching on Saturday... but I will show you what I got done of the critters. Enjoy!!


Also, I rec'd my ornie from my swap partner with Brooke's Yahoo group.. it's a beautiful biscornu with flowers and bees. Really nice work and I will happily display it on my Christmas tree this year. Thanks Doris!

front side

back side

Keep Stitching,

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  1. What a sweet biscornu from Doris!! Great exchange.

    More cute stitching!! Great colors:)

    Your day at the beach sounds exactly like what I need!!