My Critters are coming along fine...

Dracula -- too cute and used up the rest of my black Kreinik

ghost -- I did him on white perf. paper

robot -- Love the retro look to him and did him on silver perf. paper instead

I know it's been awhile since I have posted for you all. I have been working diligently on the Critters sets from my good friend Brooke Nolan. I finished all the Critters in set one and worked most all the ones in set two, but ran out of black Kreinik. And you cannot just finish them with something else... you just cannot. So, I have put them aside till I am able to go shopping for more Kreinik. I will show you today what I have been able to complete. Enjoy!!

love this kitty witch-- a librarian friend loved it so I have to stitch another for myself

the great pumpkin -- I added the bow and didn't stitch the nose


made 2 of these

made 2 of these -- really fun

Also, I thought that I would take a picture of my design wall. It's a small wall to the right of me and my desk that I put my finished projects on. Really easy to assemble if you're thinking about making one of your own. I prepared the wall by cleaning it -- mine is paneling until we are able to remodel. I washed it down with some 409, but any all-purpose cleanser will work. Then, I stapled a thin batting to the size I wanted to the wall. Then on top of that, I stapled some basic felt in a neutral color over the batting, pulling taut and folding the edges under for a clean look. It will hold lightweight fabric (like quilt blocks) all by itself but I use straight pins to hold my heavier stuff on there (like the witch sisters and Critters). It gives me inspiration and I can see what I have accomplished. If you're a quilter, this is a great wall for placing blocks and rearranging blocks until you get the look you desire.

I forgot to move my stitching frame -- oh well ...you get the idea

This is a "president's block" for the President of the Quilter's Guild that I am a member of. Each year, the new president of the Quilt Guild get a quilt of her chosen design and color made by members of the guild. I don't care to work with triangles, so this was a challenge for me. The pattern is called "rising star" and she ADORES purple. I had a wonderful instructor today at Little Quilt Factory. Ms. Barbara helped me alot with gentle criticism and a bit of ripping out seams. It's very evident that I need a quarter inch presser foot for my sewing machine!! lol But I had a wonderful time and learned that I really don't like triangles. But I love my president and did it for her!! I know that she will love her finished quilt.

Keep Stitching,


  1. Brook's critters are so cute and you did a marvelous job Cameo. When I look at these little cuties I just keep thinking what cute fridge magnets they would make. They might not be strong enough though. One might have to fix them onto a strong backing of some sort. You know how many times a day we open the fridge right? Great way to see them all day long.

  2. These are just so precious! They're going to make wonderful complements to the Witch Sisters, aren't they? Great job - can't wait to see your display!!

  3. Beautiful quilt block girl! I'm proud of your for doing something you don't really enjoy and it turned out amazing!!
    All your little critters and candies are just precious!!

  4. I found your blog through the Brooke Nolan Yahoo Group. (Your giveaway post - I find the best blogs through giveaways!) :o)

    Your critters have turned out great! I have both sets and haven't stitched any yet, but I am itching to find some perforated paper now. Thanks for showing them off.