September is coming -- Haha!

Ok I know you must think that I am a bit nuts announcing that September is coming ... like ok you already know that and it's still the 1st week of August. So what's the deal you ask?? Welllllll, I will be getting back to giving more stash away!!! YAYYY!~!! Friday I go over to my best friend mother's house, she's cleaning her stash out. She's got tons of cool stuff, OOPs, and tons of older charts that she knows she will never ever finish in this lifetime. She's going to let me take everything that she doesn't want ... I will pick thru and take what I know I will finish... and then guess what??? You guys will reap the benefits of reading my boring blogs!! LOL
The only unfortunate problem this month is postage... I just cannot afford to send it all out. So I just have to ask for you to pay the postage -- and I will ship the very cheapest that I can. Most of the time I can send it to you media mail, which takes a bit longer but it will get there just the same. For those of you overseas, please be mindful of the exchange rate and I can only accept money orders from the post office.

That's it -- are you excited?? I know that I am ... I might be able to show some previews on Saturday and Sunday after I am done going thru the piles and piles of glorious stash.
Stay tuned!!

Sharing my ornie from Louise in the Brooke's Board Ornie Swap in July. It was rec'd today.

Also, here is a finish that I did this weekend and my current project. This Geisha girl has a good ton of blackwork that I am pushing thru right now.

Keep Stitching,


  1. Fantastic stitching as always.
    I think the postage comment is fair...why should you have to pay it all when we live such long distances etc.

  2. Cutie pie ornie! Can't wait to see that Geisha. Aren't they wonderful? Oh, it'll be like Christmas again for you getting to stash dive! Love it - and anxious to see what you find.

  3. The ornament is adorable. Your little finish is lovely as well. Geisha is looking good and will be beautiful.
    I'm looking forward to seeing what all you get. It will be Christmas in August for you.

  4. I totally understand asking people to pay postage. And what a bargain in return for stash! No worries. :) If I was in the same situation I would probably have to do the same thing.

  5. Love your finish and your wip! and cute ornie:)

  6. Your geisha is AWESOME! I'm so intimidfated by blackwork...I can't wait to see your finish! Your ornie is adorable, too!

  7. Love your work, really nice, I love the delicate blackwork. And to be fair, I am all for paying postage for the stash you so generously share with us all. Love to check out on your posts, always exciting things happening! L ;o))