Ok -- it's gonna have to start earlier ....

Ok I didn't lie intentionally ... really I didn't. I just wasn't aware of how much stash I would be getting rid of. Sooooo, without further ado, and to keep you ladies from waiting so long. I will have to (becuz of the massive amount) start the giveaways on Sunday. I will post one item with a picture. Feel free to google it to find out more about the item. My son will draw names like I do with all my drawings, and I will post the winner the next day -- you will have to include your email address with your comment.
I will not have the time to track you down... 1 week maximum to claim, if unclaimed after that time -- it will be cycled back in the loop with everything. I have CS mags, Quilting mags, COMPLETE kits, graphs, you name it!! Remember that I am accepting checks or money orders from the post office. If you are a multiple winner, I can hold your items and ship them all at once... saves on shipping.
I will try to list everything accurately as possible -- but please remember that these items were not mine so I don't know if all the threads and charms are included. I do know that everything has a chart-- made sure of that!! I guess that's all for now -- HAVE FUN LADIES!!
Keep Stitching,


  1. Sounds like a lot of work cleaning out stash...LOL. Have fun but remember to take a break once in a while.

  2. Gosh yes...make sure you have some time to you. Did you ever get the little Irish gift I sent you to say thank you for the pendent???

  3. I will be watching Cameo and would be happy to pay the postage. You are so kind and generous to do this.

  4. Cameo
    count me in to
    RhondaM NC

  5. oops Forgot my email addy:

  6. Hello, would be grateful to be part of the draw and yes would like to pay for postage. Thanks such a lot, Lori.French@yahoo.fr PS Watch out for some post from me!

  7. Sorry I miss-wrote my address Lori. French10@yahoo.fr

  8. Ok, Cameo, you've piqued my interest! I'll be haunting your site. What a job! Take it easy.