Gwen Gwen Gwen!! all done!

part 1

Right after I finished the gingerbread cookie boy, I started on one of many Brooke Nolan's designs that I have in my stash. I tend to save her designs for last in my "to-do" pile since they are so detailed and perfect. About a week ago, I rec'd her witchy witches. I was sooo happy!! Well I started on Gwen. I think she's so whimsical.. she's a doll.
Gwen's hat --sweet and petite
Gwen's cauldron -- who is hiding in there??
Gwen's pet froggie -- pink is soo in!
part 2

part 3

It only took me a total of 3 days to complete Gwen. Of course, I took it everywhere with me so that I didn't waste a minute. I had to change some colors. Kreinik is not so easy for me to put my hands on when I need it. So I took a chance and used all 3 colors that I had instead of the ones that Brooke suggested. I used black for her boots and cauldron. Periwinkle for the corset and sock stripes. And a pale yellow instead of the topaz for the dress folds. I don't think it was so bad.... some times you just have to make due. Also, the beaded posie was done a tad differently. Brooke suggested that each petal be done in one color alternating each petal as a different color....well you know I just cannot do that. Seeing that I had a ton of beads, I alternated each of the colors on each petal... meaning each petal had all the colors. It turned out really colorful.

part 4 -- almost done

part 4b -- a better picture

Some other changes was that I had to back the hat with paper... course you don't see that but as I got to the tip it was starting to be really flimsy. And instead of a "floss broom" -- I used raffia. She was a real joy to work on and I am quite happy with her. Not too sure what I am going to do with her now. I may add a hanger to the back so that she can hang on a tree or be hung elsewhere.

all done

close up of broom

Keep Stitching,



  1. I have never seen anything like this before.
    She is beautiful!

  2. Nice finish Cameo. She really is such a cute witch. I was just thinking what I would have done with her. I would probably do a little painting on a little canvas and put Gwen to the front as if three dimensional and box frame everything. Its would give the effect of a little story in a box so to speak. Are you familiar with box frames?

  3. Gwen is lovely and all your changes look great. Great job on her and I can't wait to see the others.

  4. Wow!!! She is adorable!!!!! I love how she turned out!!!!!!

  5. Gwen is just super. You did a really nice job on her.

  6. She is absolutely adorable!!! Good job Cameo!!!

  7. All the witches are SOOOOOOOOOO cute - I just got mine !!!