Stash Diet Bargains

I hope that everyone is well!!

I plan on keeping this blog a little on the short side as it's really late. Tomorrow I plan on letting you know how things went with the adjustor and how my weekend was.

My bargain is quite simply threads! I have a ton of vintage rayon threads. I have seperated and bagged them into 7 baggies. There are 11 individual threads in each baggie of either Star Rayon and/or JP Coats rayon. I have had these forever it seems and never stitched with them. There's really no sense in my keeping them if there's someone out there who will. If you buy more than one baggie you will get repeats... but I really tried to space them out. Each baggie is $5.00 and there's no charge for shipping.

I also have some silk thread for sale. I am going to list each one with the name, color number, and price. I don't remember what chart I bought these silks for, so I cannot answer any questions about them. They are brand new, as in they have never been used. Again -- there is no charge for shipping on anything listed.

Trebizond Silk (on a spool) #745 $1.50

Trebizond Silk (on a spool) # 744 $1.50

Trebizond Silk (on a spool) #743 $1.50

Au Ver A Soie Silk (on a spool) #486 $1.50

Au Ver A Soie Silk (on a spool) #313 $1.50

Au Ver A Soie Silk (on a spool) #663 $1.50

Soie Perlee Silk (on a spool) blanc $1.00

Remember you have to email me at cameo_br@yahoo.com to finalize the details. And it's first come -- first serve!! Hope everyone has a great week ahead of them!!

Keep Stitching!


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