Stash Diet continues!

Well -- it's a new day!! Sorry I haven't been updating as much as I could.
Last weekend the adjustor came and surveyed the damage on the roof and inside the house. He walked around taking notes, pictures, and measurements. Before he left -- told me that it will take a day for him to submit his paperwork, but maybe another 2-3 weeks before we get a check!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I am so frustrated!! But what can I do?? I mean, he's done his part. And I know that the insurance companies are just overwhelmed. So I'll be patient. And wait. sigh!

But on to better things! I have a tons of book/chart listings for sale. I can supply a picture if needed, but I just cannot upload all of them. Remember it's first come, first serve. And no charge for shipping on anything. I can combine things to make it easier for everyone!!

Enjoy your shopping!

1. Leisure Arts paperback - A Year of Sunflowers by Kathie Rueger ## $1.50
2. Dimensions leaflet - Mini Mumms by Debbie Mumm ## $2.00
3. The Gibson Portfolio (large fold out chart) - Winter -1890 ## $2.00
4. Forget-me-nots leaflet - House and Home I by Angela Pullen ## $2.00
5. Alma Lynne Designs- Noah and Company by Alma Lynne ## $4.00
6. Dimensions booklet - Chair of Bowlies and other charts by Mary Engebreit ## $2.00
7. Little Bits of Cross Stitch Book:1 43 animals ## $2.00
8. Stitch with Sudberry leaflet #85 - Summer Fun by Laura Doyle ## $3.00
9. DMC Library books - This is a set of 4 books as follows Garlands, Alphabets, Flowers & Fruits, and The Zoo ## $8.00 for the set of 4

10. Graph-it Arts booklet - Samplin' Country by Lynn Waters Busa ## $.75
11. Cross Stitch Wonders chart - Raven and Eagle by JoAnn George ## $5.00
12. The Needlecraft Shop (hardback book) - Holiday Wishes (plastic canvas) ## $2.00
13. House of White Birches (hardback book) - Christmas Celebrations (plastic canvas) ## $2.00

Hope you've enjoyed yourself -- all books/charts were either never used or barely looked at. Threads are still available.

Keep Stitching!


  1. Hello! I am interested in purchasing some of the books that you have for sale. I am interested in #'s 10, 12 and 13. Thanks!

  2. kdmc nurse -- I sent you an email ... let me know if you do not get it!!


  3. I'd Love to purchase #6 Mary Englebreit and #8 Laura Doyle. Please email me: msmith94@msn.com