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Well, for your info... the Common Ground chart is sold. I am thrilled that it will be finding a new home. So far my diet is going well! LOL

Today's bargain is Mosey 'n Me "Hiddy Us - The Glamour Gus" chart. It's charted for both Anchor and DMC. I will never stitch this beauty, but maybe you will. I am asking $3.00 and there are no shipping charges. Please email me at cameo_br@yahoo.com so that we can finalize things. First come, first serve.

You can find the details at http://www.moseynme.com/

I am so lazy today. I ran errands all around town, paying bills, post office trip, doctor office with my Father in law, groceries, library... and I didn't feel like cooking on top of all that! So I am lazy! And I still have a tons of things to do this evening ...sigh !! It never ends, I swear it. So I ordered pizza online -- if you haven't tried it -- you gotta!!! It is so easy and my orders are never messed up becuz someone couldn't understand me. I use Dominoe's in my area, but I am sure there are others out there that offer this great service. And no I am not getting a free pizza or nor do I work for a pizzeria... I am just blogging about a great service that's out there for everyone that can use it. I hate talking on the phone to someone who may not care about my order and then messes it up. This makes it totally easy and I can subtract or add items without worrying that I am taking up too much time with a person on the phone. But enough about it-- the pizza and chicken are on the way!!

Keep Stitching!


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