The weekend is over!

Well this weekend is over and I am thankful for that!!

The show that I went to on Saturday was a real dud -- thank goodness there was no booth fee or I would have been out some money. I sold a few pieces of jewelry, but this wasn't the best place for my pieces. Wrong crowd. But live and learn, right?

I just finished stitching "Texas" from the Victoria Sampler -- this is from a series of 50 states and each kit teaches a new specialty stitch. This was a gift from a wonderful swap partner. It's been a long time since I stitched anything on evenweave and I remember why I love it so much. So soft and easy to work with.

I have also finished stitching my ornie for the October swap. Well actually I stitched 2 items becuz I couldn't decide on one... she's getting both!! I need to finish making them into the ornies and send the package -- I hope that she will be pleased.

ANDDDDDD I designed my first item.... Meagan and I were talking one evening, like we do sometimes (believe me -- I enjoy it immensely) and she tells me that I need to design. blah blah blah!! I'm not a designer I tell her... just not my thing. But she tells me that I modify things alot to my taste. blah blah blah! I'm so not a designer I tell her again! Well we were throwing around some ideas and I did it. I played with my PC Stitch program... I don't have the key for it. But it was free and I piddle sometimes with it. I designed something-- and it's cheesy cute!! But I couldn't save it, nor print. So I pulled out the trusty graph paper and pens. Took me near a day but it's graphed. I am going to stitch it sometime this week to see how it really looks before posting a picture. If it looks too dumb, it's all Meagan's fault for encouraging me. LOL Seriously, I love her to death and I'm sure it'll look ok.

Well, Justin has school tomorrow, we are making up days from the 2 weeks that we were off. I have a ton of errands to run. So, I am gonna close for now -- enjoy your Monday!!

Keep Stitching!


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