More Finishes for you to Enjoy!

I got a question about how I am going to finish my finishes ... I don't really know. But I am totally open to suggestions! I just collect really fun freebies and charts... do them (stitch them up) and then toss them in a vanity dresser drawer until I need something for a swap or exchange. Sometimes my Mother in Law needs a gift and I will let her choose a stitched item and she finishes it into something. I never really have something in mind for a stitched item. But anything that you guys would like to suggest, I am open to listen to your ideas. really!

Tomorrow's the big day for the Brown Family Reunion... I have been cooking all day long!! UGH!! I made some coleslaw salad, mustard potato salad, brownies, and beer-boiled brats. It's gonna be buffet style and everyone just bring enough food for themselves and we all dig in about noon time. After the lunch, the kids run off and go swimming, and the old folks sit in the A/C and talk about the past.. I am NOT going to be sitting around this year -- I am gonna go swimming in my new swimsuit!! YAY!! I hope that everyone has a great weekend!!

Keep Stitching,


  1. Wow..loads of stitching! Love the watermelon..could do with some now, and the skateboarding sheep on the earlier post is just sooo cute!

  2. its just soi much fun to see what you have stitched! thanks for sharing with us. Terry N

  3. As always, lovely work, very neat, you might be able to do some small cushions, people like to receive those as ornaments. I love all text related designs, and, as I already told you, I make cards for friends with my small work. Enjoy the swimming, it is nice and warm here too, could do with a swim. Wish I was at your place! ;-) L xxx

  4. WOW! You sure been busy. Such cute finishes!

  5. I hope that the reunion went well and you were able to jump in and swim. With the way the heat has been troubling the USA, a nice "jump in the pool" sounds wonderful and cool! I love your finishes...especially the watermelon (do you remember what the pattern you used for that?).
    Have a good week

  6. Great finishes.

    And like you I often have no idea how to finish it off. Those join the other finishes in the storage container. :)

  7. Cute stitches Cameo!
    Hope you had a great time at your reunion and showed off that new bathing suit!!

    That's a fun idea stitching the freebies ahead for when you need them!

  8. cameo
    hope you have a great time at the reunion my family never had one. will you have to travel far? I like the sheep one I have started not by my own choice but by gifts sheep collection. Since people I know have found out I am a retired methodist pasotr they give me sheep I guess for some it is a humorous joke.
    By the way I work with your mother will that be a problem with you and I emailing each other. I may not email you back right away My hours are changing and I am going on vacation soon. steffani

  9. Hey girlfriend!!!! I've got something on my bloggy for you!!! Hope you had fun at the reunion =) I wanna see some pics! I'm sending out your box this week...hope you love it =) Meg