Some more pictures to share with you!

Well we finally got some rain today -- it showered a bit this afternoon. I am thankful, wished it could have been more though. Whomever did the rain dance -- THANK YOU!!

Hope that you enjoy these finishes from this month. I remembered this time to let you know who these charts are from ... they are freebies from the Rainbow Gallery site. I don't have many Rainbow Gallery items since they can be quite pricey, so I subbed the colors with Sampler and Weeks threads. I guess you could sub in some DMC if you so desired. Oh, to answer someone's question -- the hearts are printed on the fabric -- it's from DMC ... it was super cheap at the store where I got it -- I don't care for Aida much, but when it's cheap...well you know how that goes!!

Keep Stitching,


  1. Cameo,
    I love all your finishes - your stitching and colors are wonderful. I love all the details you use...the buttons and the little flowers on the sheep. How are you going to finish all of these finishes?
    Lisa in CA

  2. These finishes are just adorable!!!!!! The colors you choose are so pretty and the buttons just made them that much more special~~~

  3. I love your work, I also do some small designs and turn them into postacards, for birthdays, thank you's, etc. I might "borrow" some of your ideas, if you don't mind. Love, Lori xx

  4. These are all adorable!! Wow girl! You've been busy!