Christmas is nearing.... are you ready?

I hope that everyone is done shopping -- I hear it's totally nutso out there!! I have to venture out and get some rolls for tomorrow's dinner with my Mother. Hope that I don't have to choke someone LOL -- I would never do that -- !! lol funny thought though....

I wanted to share some of my resolutions with you for the New Year. I know what you're thinking... everyone makes them -- no one follows through with them. Not so with me, I make my resolutions attainable. This year I plan on (or resolve to) take better care of my face. I plan on taking care of my hair. I plan on taking care of my body! I plan on stitching more for friends and myself. Those are my top 4 that I know I need to get a grip on.
My face has always given me grief. I never moisturize or remember to apply sunscreen... this New Year it will be different.
My hair -- good grief!! I don't go to the hair salon at all ... I never get a trim every 6 weeks like I have been told is good. My hair always looks blah to me and so it's always in a ponytail. No more!! I am going to get a complimenting haircut and keep it looking nice.
My body -- double good gracious!! Donald's employer has a program that we can join a gym and they will reimburse us for the monthly dues -- no excuses any more for not going to the gym. I have to do something -- and this is a open door.
Stitching more for friends and family seems easy enough. But I never make anything for myself -- and this year I hope to really change that. I joined a ornie SAL and I am making ornies for my tree next year. It will be a menagerie of ornies ... all seasons on the tree. And why not??
So what are your resolutions for the coming of the New Year? walk more? keep in touch with family and friends? Keep it simple and I know you'll follow through with it.
Keep Stitching!


  1. Yeah ready to enjoy.Thank you n Merry Christmas n Happy New Year to all

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  2. I never make resolutions. It's too disappointing when I break them! But yours sound like a good achievable list of items.

    Have a wonderful holiday!

  3. I stopped making resolutions years ago, but I had already decided 2009 will be different! I'm working on my list. They are all do-able, just need to make a schedule on the stitching obligations so I don't neglect my housework:) Also want to work on my self as well.
    Good job and best wishes for you to achieve your new habits and goals in 2009!