School was Delayed!!

we were ready bright and early this morning for school to only find out it was delayed -- that's ok -- means more time to play in the snow!!

Justin making his kind of snowballs ... big and fluffy

This one was meant for me -- but I told him if one snowball hits me -- presents under the tree with his name are going back -- I'm such a mean mom!! LOL

Justin playing in the birdbath and getting his glove wet becuz the water that was in there didn't completely freeze and he poked thru--- sigh!

Making more snowballs to throw in the street and not at me ;-)
We got a call from the school letting us know that school would be delayed at least 2 hrs. due to the weather. That and people don't know how to drive in snow or on icy roads for that matter. We had several accidents and overturned 18 wheelers in our area alone. It was nice though for Justin and I to spend some time this morning together. He would play outside in the snow for 20-30 mins. and I would call him in to warm up and I would dry all the gloves, scarf, and coat. Then he was back out again. Justin also saved a LARGE snowball in the freezer... he wanted to take it to school. I don't think so!! lol
It was almost sad to see the snow melt today.. and it melted fast. By the time Justin got off the bus (4 in the afternoon) all the yard and roof was clean of snow. Justin had the pouting face going on too. He hated to see it gone. He's wishing for a white Christmas... Santa will have to bring that present !!
Thanks for coming by and enjoy our snow days... Keep Stitching!


  1. Hey Cameo!! Just noticed you following my blog:) Thanks so much! and I've added you to mine as well:) It's incredible...snow in Texas...always exciting! I'm sure your precious son LOVES it!
    Great pics too!
    Howdy from New Braunfels, TX:)

  2. Great pictures shared. Our kids are wishing for snow too especially for x'mas but i am afraid we won't get it again this year.