It snowed all night long!!

my poor car was covered!!
this is looking at my house-- it got quite deep for us

this is looking down the street--kinda blurry

looking at the neighbor's yard ... my birdbath was full of snow and ice

my poor sunflower didn't stand a chance -- :-(

These pictures are from Wednesday night closer to 10pm or so -- maybe even later than that... I went out to take another look at our winter wonderland. The snow was definitely deeper and I had to be really careful walking on the sidewalk to take pictures, they were iced over. It's a shame that it didn't snow more in the daylight hours so that kids and adults that think they are kids could have enjoyed it more. I had thought about doing the ol' snowangel thing -- but this snow is really wet. It would have been a soggy angel.. and a soggy Cameo too. LOL
Keep Stitching!

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