It's SNOWING!!!!!!!!

OK -- for those of you who are prolly sick of snow or cannot even fathom another flake of the white crap --


We don't normally get it here and when we started getting the tiny flakes on the windshield today I was tickled pink! Then of course the flakes got bigger and more of them falling -- and people let me tell you -- we have about 1 inch of the beautiful white fluffy goodness on the ground here !! I even when out and stuck my tongue out to catch it --- I was giggling like a little schoolgirl the whole time I was out there. There's just something about snow --I think I found my Christmas spirit!

Don't tell anyone but I have saved a little bitty snowball in my freezer ... hehehe

Love you guys!



  1. Very cool pictures. But you can keep the stuff in your neck of the woods, thank you.

  2. It's so funny that you have snow there and we have NONE here! I could post of a picture of my green grass! LOL! I hope everybody stays safe there. I know your not used to it! Love ya!!!

  3. Oh, I am soooo jealous. We only got some flakes falling, but nothing stuck to the ground. But areas around me got enough to actually make snowmen. ;-( I'm dreaming of a White Christmas.
    Barb in TX