Special Notes galore!

Thank you Dawn (golden Angel) for letting me know -- I knew that I knew who the designers where -- it was like it was on the tip of my tongue -- those are the designers and I really enjoyed stitching all of them.

Special notices to my ladies who won items in the giveaways --

Theresa -- money was rec'd and the package is on the way...
Gaynor darlin -- money made it here safely and package is mailed...
Kim -- money order was a breeze to cash at the post office and your package is coming...
Barb in TX -- your package was mailed today and was cheaper -- do you want the change?
Barb S -- check cashed and your package was mailed as well..

I hope that all of you enjoy your winnings-- I bet it'll be like Christmas time.

Another item to show off to you -- another wonderful finish that I enjoyed doing... I know that Dawn (aforementioned) won this chart about a journey of an autistic child -- the story that came with the chart was very touching and I hope to be able to share this finish with someone who is struggling with this horrible condition that affects our children everyday.

This other finish was a freebie -- god knows where... it was in French but I think that cross-stitch is almost always universal. You just follow the colors and symbols ..smiles!

Keep Stitching,


  1. Got your message~ I'll be constantly checking my mail the next few days!!!!
    Love your two finishes~~~~ They are both adorable!!!!

  2. The bottom piece is the Anne-les-petites-croix sampler found here:

    I stitched that a while ago and made it into a small sling bag. Your stitching looks lovely (a lot neather than mine!)

  3. Beautiful work! You should be receiving my $ soon- I mailed it Monday. :)

  4. Annie is right about the pattern http://pagesperso-orange.fr/anne-les-petites-croix/grilles/joie2009.htm and you did a great job on both pieces :o) Terry N

  5. Cameo,
    Wow! Just got my goodies and they are wonderful!!!
    Thanks again for a great giveaway,

  6. Real cuties you stitched there Cameo. You have been really busy.

  7. No, I don't want the change. lol Thanks for asking though. I received the charts and thanks again for your wonderful generosity in giving away so much stash.
    Barb in TX