Another finish to share with you all!

Boy that really sounds good to say -- Another wonderful finish .. I have tons to share with you.

The sheep one from the previous post was one of the freebies that I gave away from Trail Creek Farm called "Ewe mean the world to us" .. I did the single chart that was offered instead of the larger one.

Today's finishes are: Herbal and Iced Tea from ...uh.. I don't remember but it was a silk chart
pack. Loads of fun to do -- someone out there knows who the designer is- help me out!! LOL

And "There's No Place Like Home" chart from ... sheesh my mind is like so totally gone. It was another one of the charts that I gave out this giveaway that's why I cannot remember who the designers are. (slapping forehead -- get in gear brain!!)

Hope that you enjoyed!!

Keep Stitching,



  1. Beautiful finishes! They all turned out amazing. You have been very busy stitching during the giveaway run.

  2. Isn't no place like home Drawn Thread? I think, maybe? :)
    Anyway...look at how beautiful everything is! I love it all!!!

  3. Yep, I enjoyed! lovely finishes..makes me want to stitch instead of having to bake lol

  4. They look great! Congrats on the finishes.
    "No Place like home" is from Drawn Thread. "Iced tea and Herbal tea" are from Little House Needleworks.

  5. love them all! its always fun to see your finishes. Terry N

  6. Pretty, pretty stitching! I know that mind blown thing. I feel like such a dummy when one of the 'expert' stitchers in the group asks about something I'm working on and what I say sounds like Duh... How DO they remember every piece, designer, what fabric, thread, and how many minutes it took to stitch it??

  7. Wow!! Beautiful stitches!!!!!!
    I also have the Teas from LHN, but now I think I'll need to get There's no place like home, too!!!!

  8. You have been busy girl!! Beautiful finishes!! Congrats!!