My new job and special notices...

My new job is ... hectic!! But I am truly loving the discount LOL 25% off my purchase ... how cool is that?? And I must say that I have a true appreciate for those who work in retail... oh my gosh! I got to work the register today and it was exciting, scary, wild, overwhelming ... you know!! But I am glad to be home this evening to put my feet up and just relax.
Special notices to : Joan -- your package was mailed on Tues...
Lynn -- money made it and mailed on Tues...
Myra -- check cashed and mailed on Tues...
I would have notified you all sooner but I worked Tuesday night really late. Keep an eye out for your packages!!
Keep this post short becuz I am exhausted and I want to sew a little before bed.
Keep Stitching,


  1. Sounds like this job is fun even if its hard work. I received my pattern Cameo!! I love it.

  2. What better, if one HAS to work, than for it to be fun - with a discount!!

  3. Hi Cameo!
    My package arrived today. Thank you again for such a great giveaway!

  4. a job at Michaels - I'd never get a paycheck, LOL!! but glad it's going good.
    take care!

  5. Received my pkg. on Sat. Thanks, I love them both.

    Joanie R.

  6. Welcome to wonderful world of retail! Did I say that already? Ha!
    Just letting you know I received your envelope...really like the design, etc! I want to thank you again for sharing so many items with all of us!