Latest endeavors .. enjoy!

I know it's like I have been missing in action for the past week -- I am sooo sorry. I have some pictures to show you what I have been working on though. It's some hand quilting and the pattern is Grandmother's flower garden. I am using some BRIGHT and fun fabrics from my stash. All together it will be a total of 271 hexagons that are all paper pieced, a total of 10 rows of color. Here are some juicy pictures for you -- it's going to be a largeeeee flower. I am thinking about it being draped over the couch back or even a chair.

small flower -- just barely fits over a sheet of graph paper...

a bit larger -- forgot to take a picture of the white row...

here's the blue row that I finished today... I am currently working on the next row of a multi-purpleish row, which should be done tomorrow.

I started this project about 1 week ago ... I guess I am a fast stitcher. More pictures to come -- stay tuned!!

Keep Stitching,



  1. Very nice work! I'd interested in the way of the fitting together!

  2. You really are a fast stitcher. Its going to be very pretty once finished.

  3. its looking so pretty.:o) can't wait for the next update Cameo.Thanks so much for sharing. Terry N

  4. You hand stitched that in a week??!!
    Girl!! That's incredible and I LOVE the design and the colors! Beautiful job Cameo:)