Another row -- YAY!

Well it's almost done!! 2 more rows to go and it's complete -- well the top will be finished. I will still have to sandwich it together with batting and a back.... then the dreaded quilting of the entire thing. WHAT was I thinking?? And you girls are so crazy!! LOL There is no way I could give this beauty away. All that hand stitching?? It's soooo mine! smiles I love my stitching family but it's mine mine mine!! LOL Right now I am working on the hexagons for the next row -- not sharing the color with you... you'll have to guess.

Orange row added -- it's making the quilt larger and larger as I add more rows.

close up of orange fabric -- it's actually got swirls... seems alot of my fabric has that same theme. I must really like swirls.
Well I hope that I can post another set of pictures before the weekend gets here. If not, I hope that everyone has a glorious weekend -- it's been absolutely BEAUTIFUL here!
Keep Stitching,


  1. I don't think I've ever seen a quilt grow so fast!!

    So, I think you're saying you're NOT going to put this beauty in a giveaway?? ...lol... Cameo, how do you sleep at night??

    I love it girl!! Can't wait to see the next row of color:)

  2. Oh, this is really nice, I wish I could be this fast, very well done indeed! It looks wonderful, keep stitching, the result will be even more beautiful. Best wishes, Lori xxx

  3. Its absolutely beautiful Cameo.Can't wait to see the next row.Thanks for sharing this adventure with us. :o) Terry N