Big thanks,latest stitching, and other exciting stuff

gumboots and umbrella (spring)
Ewe (spring)
spring -- duh! lol
I charted in the butterfly .. it just needed it.

mitten and Winter word -- (winter)

I want to "Thank" each and every one of you who tried to win and to those who did win. You helped me get rid of TONSSSS of great stash. To answer some questions of what I am stitching currently ... well .. I am working on some ornies for the Christmas tree ... they are from Trilogy.. I have the Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter-ology pamphlets ... I picked which ones I wanted to stitch... finished all the Spring ones as you will see pictured and I am working on the Winter ones right now. I have a few of those for your viewing pleasure. I am using an evenweave material and mostly Weeks and Sampler threads that it calls for, but sometimes I don't have it so DMC plays it's part.

We are working on my son's room with remodeling... oh my gosh -- it's been a chore. The pictures that you see are before the walls were hung -- this was the demolish period. No insulation anywhere in the walls. Not even good sheetrock was hung. But we are heading towards the end with painting almost done... trim will be hung tomorrow hopefully. Then the moving of stuff from one room to another. I am going to make Justin's some curtains for his room ... not sure about the color yet. His room is going to be white walls and red trim -- he picked the red. And he said that he wanted yellow curtains -- i am thinking it's going to look like a condiment tray LOL... I might be able to convince him on a red and white stripe curtain instead. (fingers crossed)
Oh... I am including a picture of a Bent Creek sampler that I did about a week ago. Don't remember the name of it -- but I can look it up later. Hope that everyone is having a great weekend -- it's cold here.

Keep Stitching,


  1. Those are some adorable pieces that you stitch!!!!! Good luck with the remodeling!!!! I'm sure it will turn out great when it is all done~~

  2. Great job, Cameo!!! And I love the sampler you did. Have a lovely day :)

  3. Your works are very great! Great job for this big remodeling!

  4. Cute finishes, Cameo.
    Goodluck with the remodeling.

  5. Lovely stitching! Thank you for sharing.

    Best of luck with the remodeling. I hope it goes quickly for you, and that you get sufficient insulation in there to cut down on the cold!

  6. Great stitching, Cameo! And thanks again for this great March, checking for new charts to win - and I actually did win. And have used one of those designs already - so thanks!

  7. Gotta love those quick finishes. :)
    Love your Bent Creek piece. Are you framing it?
    Good luck with finishing the room. With all that remodeling it's suprising that you had so many finishes.

  8. You're right Cameo, what's a flower without a butterfly? Looks great. Love the Bent Creek sampler.

    Good luck on your remodeling, I'l be finishing the paint on the newly organized room (remember my messy room?), I know how crazy it gets around the house with the remodelings.

  9. Looks like a lot of work...Post pictures when you're done =) Meg