Latest finish!!

This is NOT repeat NOTTTT for the giveaway -- I am just showing you my latest finish for Brooke's Board Interactive; a Yahoo group that I am a part of. I listed some of the changes that I made on the site and I will list them again for you all. Brooke is a doll and I can tell that she REALLY loves pink. This Spring Pantry was full of cheery pink shades. I tried to follow with the DMC listing of threads but my mind said "Use some FUN stuff" ... and being I listen to my mind quite frequently.... LOL ....

Here are the changes:
  1. I used tons of Sampler and Weeks thread throughout the entire piece.
  2. I reduced the lower shelf border to 2 rows instead of the 3 Brooke graphed.
  3. Instead of the cute bunny and carrots that Brooke came up with, I regraphed in some mudboots and an umbrella that I created with some fabric. And added a straw hat button too.

  4. One of the plants wasn't stitched, so I used a flower button instead.
  5. I had some eggs buttons too, so I placed them in ...easier than stitching the eggs.. and one of my eggs hatched a cute chickie!!
  6. I long stitched the vase to give it a slender lean look.

Well, I hope you enjoyed looking!! I had a ton of fun personalizing this one for my personality. Hope everyone has a great weekend. And REMEMBER the real reason for Memorial Day -- it has nothing to do with hot dogs and potato salad.

Keep Stitching,



  1. I really like this..you see something new everytime you look at it lol.

  2. I just love your changes - I'm sure Brooke will, too! You are such a creative stitcher!!!

  3. Gorgeous!!! Love all the "goodies" stitched on. A very pretty design. ; )

  4. I love the piece and all the changes you made - something that makes it "one of a kind!" You did a great job and I am glad that you took time and posted it!
    Have a great weekend!
    Lisa in CA

  5. Cameo...this is way too cute with your personalization! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the umbrella!!!! I would have never thought of any of this; you did a great job.

  6. What a great piece!! I'm in love with the umbrella too :)

  7. I love the changes you made Cameo. You really made it your own. Great job!

  8. This one is adorable!!!!!! I love all the little things you add to it~~